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We like to set intentions here at Supercharged Food. Intentions help guide us, remind us and tell us we’re on-track.

This time of year offers us all a bit of an intentional intention reset. So let’s take stock. Look around us at what and who we love. What do we want for ourselves and our loved ones? A lovely thought, full of possibilities and, well, love, love, love!

This holiday and Christmas season we’re intending to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Being gentle. Being mindful. Taking time. Serving. Loving. Giving with Generosity. Being Care full. Nurturing. Nourishing. Being Kind. All the good stuff!

FREE ‘Take Care of You and Yours’ ebook.

We’ve produced this beautiful 43 page editorial full of articles, tips, hacks and delicious recipes. It’s free so all you have to do is add it to the cart. 

There are articles about gut health for you and your family. How to stay energised over the next few taxing (in a fun way) months. Travel tips to make the most of your time away. Keeping trim while enjoying all the trimmings.

It’s the recipes we especially love. Eating and enjoying a meal with ‘yours’ is one of the best ways to take care these holidays.

The ‘Take care’ ebook includes Supercharged recipes for water jars, breakfast, any time of the day gatherings and treats.  

Take care these holidays,

Love The Supercharged Team

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