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Hi there!

It's Lee from Supercharged Food. I’m the author of nine best-selling recipe books including Heal Your Gut and Supercharge Your Gut. We created the Love Your Gut range six years ago and Australians just love it - they're now the number one gut health products in the country.

It's probably a good time to be prepared and get your pantry in order. That is why I've created the ULTIMATE shopping list of items needed for your pantry, fridge and freezer for a 14-day period. I’ve based it upon feeding a family of four. Just halve the amount for couples or quarter for singles.

If you sign-up now you'll not only receive my FREE 14-Day Stockpiling Shopping List, you'll also get my  Tuna Pantry Pasta and Lockdown Supercharged Smoothie recipes (and, if you buy anything on this site you'll get 15% off). 

As with the whole body, the health of your immune system relies heavily on the health of your digestive system, in fact, the gut has its own immune system.  Immune cells are allies with good gut flora and they work together to keep you healthy.

Your gut is your first entry point for pathogens and bacteria, and the good flora that resides in your gut helps to reduce harmful substances from entering, and being absorbed through the gut lining, it also regulates and stabilises your digestion and trains your immune system to communicate with your brain.

If you're looking for that extra little health boost, get your hands on our Love Your Gut Products.

Stay safe and healthy.

Lee & the SYG Family x

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