Love Your Gut Beef Liver Organic, Grass Fed, Australian, 120 capsules by Supercharged Food

Australian organic grass-fed and finished beef liver is the cleanest on earth. Our gelatin capsules contain freeze dried, organic, Australian grass fed beef liver. Free from GMO, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics and are dairy and gluten free.

  • Australian
  • Organic, grass-fed and finished
  • Sourced by Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist

Directions: take two capsules twice a day, before meals (or in a smoothie) or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Lee says: “Beef liver is very nutrient dense and high in protein. It’s a terrific source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, and bioavailable iron. Of course, in a capsule they are much easier to take. My clients really see a positive effect from our beef liver capsules. They also love to open the capsules and place the contents straight into a smoothie and the taste is undetectable”.

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