What On Earth is Diatomaceous Earth?

July 24, 2019 1 Comment

What On Earth is Diatomaceous Earth?

Artwork by Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/science Photo Library

Over the last 5 years more and more people have taken notice and literally taken diatomaceous earth. Most often they consume diatomaceous earth for gut cleansing, toning and overall digestive health.

But what is diatomaceous earth (DE)?

DE is a mineral taken straight from underground. It's what's called amorphous silica as it is made up of about 90% silica with the rest being essential minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. 

DE is actually not an earth, but fossilized mineral deposits of microscopic shells created by single one-celled plants called diatoms. Under a microscope, DE looks like a cylinder or a honeycomb full of holes. 

There are two-types - freshwater and saltwater. For this article we only refer to the freshwater type as it the one used by humans.

DE that meets certain criteria is classified as a food by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Love Your Gut (LYG) powder by Supercharged Food meets these criteria. 

NB. other DE products may not be food-grade and should not be taken. There are different grades of DE. Like salt, there's pool salt which should not be taken all the way to highest food-grade Celtic sea salt. LYG is the highest grade of DE available).

While DE has been consumed by humans for several decades (though we probably weren't aware of it), it really started to take off when naturopaths took notice around a decade ago.

In the quest for health solutions through Mother Nature they found diatomaceous earth. It was (and still is) primarily recommended by Naturopaths for gut health, detoxification and removal of built-up waste in the digestive system. It is also recommended for iron deficiency, cholesterol management, hair, skin and nail health and weight control.

DE is a fascinating and effective mineral for people. We'll publish more articles about DE. We're also happy to take your questions.

Love Your Gut powder is Australia’s bestselling diatomaceous earth. And now it's available in convenient capsules! Go with your gut!

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December 03, 2023

Doing a detox or intermittant fast, and using DE through the three day cherey juice fast and the two day qinoa and green tea. In replace of my ieon polls, magnesium pills, d3 pills. Would i take a serving size with every beverage i drink that day or how much per 2qrt fluid per day?

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