The Roundup on Glyphosate & How Fulvic Humic Helps

September 03, 2021 3 Comments

The Roundup on Glyphosate & How Fulvic Humic Helps

If you’re not aware of glyphosate, it’s a broad-spectrum herbicide that is commonly used to control weeds, kill plants and grasses and ripen fruit. You may have already heard of it, as it’s been splashed across the news due to concerns about its safety to humans and associated health risks. Glyphosate ((N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine) branded as Roundup) has been sprayed on our soils since the early 1970’s. This chemical herbicide is made by the world’s largest chemical company, Bayer. Unfortunately, it’s found everywhere in our precious food chain.

Research has shown it has a raft of negative side-effects. And it’s not just in our food chain, it’s also housed in our bodies! Knowing this, if you’re concerned about your health, its important is to not only move away from using it in our farming practices, but also the need for us to rid it from our bodies. 

Glyphosate - all killa

The original, 70’s, glyphosate was created in labs to protect crops from weeds. Being an indiscriminate killer, it effected every single plant it touched, seeping into the soils that feed the plants. Then in 1994, it was genetically modified yet again to protect the crops from, surprise, surprise, itself. Think about that!

Protect crops from the herbicide that’s meant to protect them. Since then, the use of glyphosate (newly rebranded as ‘Roundup Ready’) has exploded. It’s almost everywhere in our precious food chain. All types of crops have glyphosate sprayed on them. According to 2015 USA data, the crops that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate are some of the most popular items we use regularly. Given the rapid expansion of its use we can expect the list is longer and the usage deeper.

  • Almonds 95%
  • Cherries 80%
  • Figs 100%
  • Grapes (think wine also!) 80%
  • Oranges 95%
  • Soybeans 100%
  • Wheat 70%

Now, in a downward spiral of poisonous thinking, scientists have developed biotech crops, including corn, soybeans, canola and sugar beets, that are genetically altered to withstand being sprayed with the Roundup weed killer. That’s a mindblower right there!

And it’s not only GMO crops that are (mis?)treated with Roundup. It’s used to kill-off crops and greenery around them to allow for an earlier, more profitable, harvest. No-one begrudges hardworking farmers a chance to make more money, but we can support them by encouraging their movement to organic and regenerative practices. In other words, we can help by buying organic food!

There’re ways around Roundup.
Now it’s us that need protection from glyphosate. There’s no escaping that it’s everywhere - it puts the convention into conventional farming. But there’s a few simple ways to avoid, or at least minimise, it in our diets.

So how do we do that?
Firstly, you guessed it, eat organic. Organic food doesn’t use hazardous chemical herbicides or fertilisers found in most conventionally grown crops. It just uses nature and natural processes. The more we choose organic, the more organic crops will be sowed. And the less use of glyphosate. You’re not only eating better for yourself, but you’re also contributing to a better, healthier world.
Secondly, it’s a good idea to avoid GMO foods. Roundup is itself a genetically modified chemical. Add that to genetically modified crops and there’s a recipe for disaster. It’s even added to non-GMO crops so it’s helpful to be extra careful when reading food labels.

Wash your fruit and veggies. Most glyphosate is found on the skin and can be effectively washed off. However, we don’t get off that easy! It can permeate the skin and be found in the tissues. So, again, the best defence is organic.

Get the FHC outta here Glyphosate!
Fulvic humic concentrate (FHC) comes from ancient soil deposits - natural, rich, untouched, bio-diverse, non-GMO. The good stuff. It’s a prime mover in detoxification and a balanced biome. It helps prime your gut to work in tip-top condition to disperse nutrition and dispose of waste and toxins.
FHC’s strong ionic charge attracts toxins, bad bacteria and heavy metals. Your natural disposal system does the rest – flushes it away! Humic binds both heavy metals and pesticides such as glyphosate and it’s been used to remove heavy metals from exposed workers and glyphosate from the soil. It also has the ability to detoxify and support the immune system (3).

Supercharged Food’s ‘Love Your Gut’ FHC has been sourced by Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist and author of ten healthy eating books, including ‘Heal Your Gut’. She searched for over five years for the world’s purest source of FHC and uses it every day in water or a smoothie.

It’s a beautiful irony that nature, in the form of FHC, comes to save the day from man-made nature modifications like Roundup.

What the science says: “The University of Leipzig…tests show that several humic acids are able to neutralize glyphosate”.

A study published in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology found that the oral application of certain natural substances was able effectively reduce urinary levels of glyphosate. Fulvic Humic acid has shown to break apart toxic pesticides, such as glyphosate and paraquat and  help remove them  from  the body. (1) (2)

What the research says about glyphosate
If you’d like some extra reading, here are some links to peer-reviewed studies on the effects of Roundup. In summary, the only things glowing in these reviews are the chemicals!

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YOU Need to write the truth.
YOU Need to write the truth.

May 26, 2023

Your article is fulllll of extream inaccuracies!!

Winsor Eveland
Winsor Eveland

December 31, 2022

To all citrus/pecan other growers

Winsor Eveland
Winsor Eveland

December 31, 2022

Company called has a citrus treatment/product that stops citrus greening (HLB).
Citrusaver is a root drench/spray and has humic and fulvic acids as one of its ingredients.
540 898-0851

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