July 22, 2020


Today we're talking about negativity, but in a positive and constructive way. In this world positivity rules, mostly. There aren't that many situations or events where you'll find that negativity is better or helpful for a good outcome. 

But now, it's time to enter a new wave of negativity that is actually totally positive and beneficial for your health and wellness! Are you intrigued?

Yes that's right we're talking about negative ions.

Negative ions are a major positive for us and the world we inhabit. They're energy generated and found in nature - soil is negatively charged, as are crashing waves, wind (think how you feel diving into bed with freshly washed sheets, all crisp and fresh from the great outdoors). Many minerals are negatively charged - they are quite literally, earth. And they make us feel goooooood!

When you think about positive ions, these are ions that are generally generated by man - screen emissions from your laptop or desktop computer, radiation, pollution in the air and surrounds, bad bacteria, heavy metals, air-conditioning units, clothes dryers and believe it or not, processed food.

Aside from making you feel better and in-tune with nature, negative ions when consumed also work within your body. Like a magnet, they attract the ‘bad’ positive ions like waste, heavy metals and bacteria. Negative ions can permeate our bodies on a clear level to supercharge them for absorbing more nutrients and ditching the waste.

“OK, these negative ions sound good, how do I get me some more?” 

Being in nature, grounding yourself to the ground, opening windows, plants (and pets - we’re not sure dogs and cats are negatively charged, it’s just that they make us feel so good). Consuming more food-grade minerals straight from the earth is a fantastic way to incorporate negative ions into your diet and body.

Supercharged Food’s Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC) is highly negatively charged. Very highly charged. And that’s really a positive. Ions are measured by Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). As the active ingredients in FHC are straight from the earth (decomposed plant matter) they retain their charge. 

Fulvic is one of the world’s highest cation scores, Humic is also leading the charge as a source of negative ions. By the way, Love Your Gut powder is also negatively charged - which is why many think it helps rid your body of positively charged waste while leaving the good negatively charged nutrients alone.

Now you can light those negative ions up! Introducing the first Negative Ion Candle by Lee Holmes. A natural, handmade vegan wax candle. Supercharged with negative ions. With lemongrass & Lime subtle fragrance.

This candle is the first candle with negatively charged minerals blended into 100% vegan, non-GMO soy wax.

A force of nature. Negative ions are little packets of good energy from the Earth! They elevate your mood by increasing serotonin levels, purify and clean the air and counteract the positive ions in your personal environment. For home or office use. Place by computers, phones, wifi, microwaves, air-con, heaters. Learn more, here.

We’re sending you some negative(ly charged) vibes for the rest of your week!

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