September 05, 2022


Welcome to the Supercharge Your Gut, THE CLEAN YOUR GUT SERIES. In this 6-part series of blogs and social media posts you’ll learn how to supercharge your health by cleaning the built-up waste in your gut.

The Clean Your Gut Series

  • Week 1. Pre-cleaning (like what some people do at home before the actual cleaner comes)
  • Week 2. Start with the undiscarded waste - the 500g to 3kg of undiscarded waste
  • Week 3. Keep going on removing the waste, it takes time (no quick cleans ‘round here)
  • Week 4. Fine tuning the clean - the nooks and crannies
  • Week 5. Now that it's clean and toned - nourishing with prebiotics and probiotics
  • Week 6. Keeping it clean - little, regular cleaning mean less BIG cleans required

Let’s get to cleaning! Or as my friend likes to call it, making love to your house.

But first!

Why clean your gut?

Let’s be clear, we love guts, all guts, here at Supercharge Your Gut HQ. It’s our favourite organ! It just does so much for our other organs and the whole of our body.

It’s not super needy in general, but for it to perform at its peak it does need some good ‘ousekeeping. A good old clean and polish. Some tender lovin’ care.

When it’s clean, it’s primed. A primed, or as we like to call it ‘a loved gut’, is able to perform its two most important functions.

  1. Absorb and disperse nutrients and hydration to other organs and throughout the body.
  2. Dispose of waste naturally.

Both of these functions are compromised when the gut is laden with undiscarded, unprocessed waste.

500g to 3 kilos of waste!

We carry around between 500g to 3 kilos of undiscarded waste! Urrrgh, no wonder we can feel sluggish and tired!

There’s the extra weight and retention of toxins, ‘bad’ bacteria and plaque sure, but undiscarded waste acts like a barrier for optimal nutrient and hydration absorption.

And that, my friends, is the nub of why cleaning your gut is a good thing to consider. It’s also, just quietly, the role of Love Your Gut powder and Love Your Gut Capsules and Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic drops.

The Pre-Clean

What’s a ‘pre-clean’? It’s just like what some people do at home before the actual cleaner comes. They start the clean for the professionals to make perfect and add the sparkle.

Of a pre-clean Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist and founder of Supercharged Food says, “I also recommend my clients take a week to prepare their gut and bodies for a detox clean. The body doesn’t like shocks so it’s best to slowly, slowly get your body adjusted for an upcoming cleanse. This helps you avoid the ‘detox response’ many people have when doing a cleanse. It’s usually a personal response much like stopping caffeine or alcohol and symptoms include mild headaches, tiredness and cravings. These conditions usually pass in a day or so (though you must consult a healthcare professional if they persist). The best way to treat a detox response is by being gentle on yourself, no drastic changes and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The main thing is that a gut cleanse is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A primed gut environment helps so many, if not all, health conditions. So like Nike says ‘Just Do it!’”

The Pre-Clean Protocol

Take a week or longer to start preparing your gut for the deep clean to come.

  1. Increase your fresh water intake by at least one glass a day.
  2. Reduce your caffeine intake by half.
  3. Love Your Gut powder and capsules every day. 1.8 grams or a teaspoon in water or juice. We’ve come to the party by offering all Love Your Gut products at 20% off for the entirety of the six-week gut cleanse protocol.
  4. Exercise 20 minutes more than you usually do a day. Incidental walking is a good practice. Take the stairs wherever they are on offer!
  5. Plan for five ‘easily-digested’ meals like a smoothie, soup or roast vegetables.
  6. Reduce your raw food (including salads, who'da thought they’d hear that from Supercharged Food?!?). These foods can be quite hard for your body to digest. Get their nutrients by breaking them down into a smoothie or soup. Roasting does the same job of ‘pre-digesting’ the vegetable.
  7. Start the practice of not eating three hours before bedtime. Take the pre-clean week to get into a healthy habit.
  8. Increase your fibre intake.

Do these things before your cleanse and you will feel tip top shape by the time you have finished.

Try The Pre-Clean Green Smoothie Recipe:

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