The 4 P's of a Loved Gut

February 12, 2022 1 Comment

The 4 P's of a Loved Gut

Are you looking for a  happy, healthy gut for life?
If your answer is Yes Ps! read on…

A well looked after gut, a ‘Loved Gut’ as Lee Holmes (founder of Supercharged Food and qualified Clinical Nutritionist) likes to call it, requires some unique care and attention. But! But!! Fear not, the rewards are many and marvelous.

So without any further ado, on the blog today, we’d love to share with you the 4 Ps of a Loved Gut; remember them, there’s a test at the end 😉

  1. Prepare
  2. Process
  3. Populate
  4. Proliferate

The gut is quite the complex organ. It’s not a simple storage tank for our bodies. It’s a workaholic for your health. By following the 4 Ps you’ll prime (another P!) your gut to keep up the good work and keep things running smoothly.

Love Your Gut and it’ll love you right back. With interest.
It’s all well and good to work towards a Loved Gut through the 4 Ps, but let’s stop for just a minute and explore just why we should go to the effort.

Firstly, we need to Prepare 🛁  the gut by cleaning and toning the environment. This, among other benefits, is the role of our famous Love Your Gut powder and capsules. It gently, very gently cleanses the gut and creates an alkaline environment with a pH 8.

Next, Process🔥. Put a little digestive fire (in Ayurveda they call this agni) in your belly! The gut needs to be primed (another ‘P’!) to Process and absorb nutrients and hydration. That’s the role of our Fulvic Humic Concentrate. It, again among other things, helps the gut process nutrients as well as strengthening the tight junctions that are weakened in leaky gut.

Populate 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧. All the Love Your Gut products play a role here as they add vital minerals and nutrients to your gut. However, this is where Synbiotic really shines! It adds over 20 billion high quality probiotics in every daily level tablespoon (4g) serve. 20 billion sounds filling but it’s just the right amount for your gut to thrive.

The last but not least P is Proliferate. Now, we really struggled to find an appropriate emoji for Populate so go easy on us. We settled on the symbol as it symbolises (funnily enough) the idea of multiplying. The prebiotics in Synbiotic act as multipliers of the probiotics - feeding them, in a way nurturing them to thrive in your gut.    

Who Is Love Your Gut Synbiotic for?
Populating your gut with prebiotics and probiotics is fundamental to that Loved Gut goal. Your microbiome just gobbles these up, creating a balanced and healthy environment to extract the nutrients and hydration we need every day.

The digestive enzymes and dietary fibre in Synbiotic kick in to help absorb and syndicate the nutrients throughout your body. And dispose of waste and toxins.

The gut has a direct and indirect impact on most health conditions. To name a few: Crohn’s, Coeliac, ulcerative colitis, SIBO, candida, bloating, constipation, IBD, chronic diarrhoea, GERD, IBS, lactose intolerance, diverticulitis, leaky gut (dysbiosis), inflammation, mental health, weight management, skin health, worms, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s disease.

A Loved Gut

Australia has a gutful of COVID-19
COVID-19 to blame for Australia’s escalating gut health issues
Here's why, and how to help alleviate symptoms
A 7NEWS report has outlined COVID-19 is the cause of an outbreak of increasing gut issues Australia-wide.

According to 7News, there are over 5-million Australians with known gut-health issues inundating doctors and dieticians who confirm cases are on the rise thanks to the pandemic.

Supercharged Food and Love Your Gut founder and clinical nutritionist Lee Holmes says she is seeing an influx of clients of all ages suffering gut health problems ranging from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, reflux, bloating, gas, IBS, SIBO, weight gain, fatigue, constipation, leaky gut and diarrhea.

“Gut-related health conditions have always been a major reason for people seeking consultations in my experience. However, in mid 2021 I noticed a huge increase in my clinic and online of people both here in Australia and overseas with gut health discomfort, especially impacting their weight, their mood, their energy levels, and in particular symptoms such as bloating, irregularity and gas.
Whether the suffering is directly related to having COVID-19 or omicron of which gastro-intestinal issues can be a symptom, these issues have all been exacerbated and stem from the pandemic due to an increase of stress, lack of exercise or changes in diet with not enough fresh food or ordering take-outs from meal deliveries.
Hate Covid symptoms? Love Your Gut

“The gut is the epicentre to health. It’s central to many of your body’s systems such as your immune system and your mental wellbeing, so it isn’t surprising we’re seeing a spate of related symptoms”.
For those currently suffering with gut health issues, Lee advises giving your gut a break from hard-to-digest foods allowing for repair of the gut lining and inflammation.
“The key is to shift the balance of unhealthy microflora to a microbiome that can generate energy for the body to eat more pre and probiotics”, she advises.
“Avoid foods that inflame the gut including alcohol, gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine.
“Stay hydrated as hydration is required to move things through the body and also keep your gut clean with things like Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth or fulvic humic minerals that help seal the junctions of the gut in conditions such as leaky gut”.
Lee further recommends eating at a gut friendly diet including lightly steamed, sautéed, stewed or roasted vegetables, bone broths, fermented foods in small amounts, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, fibre-rich foods, sprouted grains, soaked or fermented gluten-free grains and nuts and seeds.

Cozy Green Soup

Your diet should consist of omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, vegetables, soups and smoothies, with your gut friendly shopping list must-haves including turmeric, gelatine, bone, fish and vegetable broths, aloe vera, slippery elm and Love Your Gut Synbiotic powder.

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Libby Atkinson
Libby Atkinson

February 12, 2022

Hi. Thank you for your speedy delivery of Synbiotic. I was wondering if there was an ideal time of day to take it and if it is best to be taken with food.
Cheers, Libby

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