Take Care of the Bloat

December 23, 2021

Take Care of the Bloat

We know! We know! Not the most upbeat, Christmassy way to start a blog. We also know that we’ll be feeling the effects of filling ourselves from the fluffy tufts of our Santa hats to the ends of our mistletoes. We’re talking, of course, of the dreaded but inevitable Christmas and Boxing Day bloat. Urrrrgh.

Let’s start by giving ourselves and our loved ones the OK to go a little overboard these holidays. All the good work we do during the year and the good intentions for the New Year mean we can take a ‘rest day’ or two. (Plus, no-one wants to be a drag on the good, letting loose times with your crew).

The good news is there’s ways to turn the yuletide on feeling full. As bloating is a gut-related condition we’ll focus on how your gut can beat the bloat.

Way 1. Prime your gut 

In the lead-up to the big foodie days get your gut in tippy-top shape. That is, give it a good-old clean. A clean gut is a primed gut. Getting rid of the discarded waste we carry around raises our metabolism levels which, in turn, enables your gut to best process food and drinks. 

Our favourite gut priming practices are eating more fibre, especially from green vegetables and upping the dose of our Love Your Gut powder.

Insoluble fibre, fibre that doesn’t take on water as it passes through the digestive system and doesn’t break down, can help move along the built-up waste in the intestine. It has the added benefit of relieving constipation and preventing its return. 

Let’s get to it. Here’s a short list of healthy, natural sources of insoluble fibre. Add these to your meals, wherever you can in the days leading up to big food events.

  • Bananas have about 2–3 grams of fibre, most of which is insoluble
  • A cup of brown rice has about 3–4 grams of fibre, almost all insoluble
  • Dark leafy greens are a great source of insoluble fibre. One cup of cooked spinach has about 6 grams of fiber, with about 5 grams of which is insoluble.

Increase the Love. Love Your Gut powder and capsules is 100% highest grade diatomaceous earth. It’s a food tested, studied and approved many years ago by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. As it’s a food (and not a medication) you can easily up the amount you take, especially when looking to prime your gut. 

Love Your Gut’s diatomaceous earth works like brushing your teeth. You know that ick feeling on your teeth if you miss even one or two brushes? That film of plaque is pretty much the same stuff that finds its way into your gut and intestinal lining. It slows down the absorption of nutrients and hydration into our organs and onwards throughout our body. 

By increasing the amount of Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth supercharges it’s ability to ‘brush’ your gut of waste.

Way 2. download our free ebook - Take Care of You and Yours.

It’s 43 pages of gut-loving ideas and recipes by Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist and founder of Supercharged Food. 

Free ebook 

Way 3. Eat and drink mindfully. 

Yes, let go a bit on the big food days but just a little forethought can keep the bloat at bay. 

Eating mindfully on days when you just want to have some mindless fun can be a little challenging. On the plus side though, a little mindfulness will keep the party lasting longer by giving you the sustained energy of healthy food.

Add these oven baked cauliflower and broccoli steaks to your menu. Trust us, even among your most carnivorous friends and family, these steaks will raise the delicious stakes. Just look at the image below and imagine serving them up to rapturous applause. You'll find the recipe in the free Take Care of You And Your ebook.


Drink plenty of water. A lot of water can be a chore. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Check out these infused water jug recipes from our free ebook. They’ll be downed very quickly and keep you and yours hydrated. Supercharged tip: add some Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder and/or Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic to your liquids. They don’t have any taste (much like your friend’s reindeer jumper) but will give your guts some love.

Infused water jugs in the free ebook

Way 4. Gut massage.

If you do get some bloating this simple, soothing gut massage can give immediate relief.

Relieving the feelings of constipation, stuckness and bloating can take an all-hands-on-deck approach. Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food, created this simple, short gut massage tutorial.

Lee says: “I love this gut massage. The clockwise movement of the massage imitates the motion of your digestive system. It not only helps to get things unstuck but I also find it soothing and relaxing. It can be done anytime, anyplace. I find myself giving my gut a little love with this technique a few times a day. Especially straight after eating”

Beat the bloat with this gut massage

From all of us at Supercharged Food to all of you and yours, we wish a happy and healthy holidays.

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