New Love Your Gut products!!!

May 04, 2022

New Love Your Gut products!!!

 Just quietly, we’re quietly launching a number of new gut-friendly essentials products on our store! They’re created by Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of the Love Your Gut range.

Keep it to yourself though. They are small-runs to start with and exclusive to so stocks are limited.

Importantly for us at Supercharged Food we’ve worked really hard to keep the prices reasonable like we’ve done since Love Your Gut powder launched in 2014. We’re all about sharing the stunning results of looking after your gut health and want as many people to be able to access our products as possible.

Lee Holmes, from Supercharged Food says “I love my job as a clinical nutritionist. Love, love it! I get to read, try and research so many wonderful foods and food formulas that can help almost every imaginable health condition. I also really enjoy tinkering around in my clinic, making healthy concoctions for my clients and my friends.

I’ve been working on a number of, what I call ‘gut essentials’ products. Now on the site are the fruits (and vegetables) of my labour. Protein + Fibre formulas - very yummy vanilla and healthy chocolate, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar capsules, awesome Greens and Mushrooms powder and pop in your mouth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. I hope you’ll like them and find them useful on your health journey”.

All the new products are vegan and free of all the bad stuff like preservatives and fillers.

There are even more Supercharged products in the pipeline, so stay tuned! They’ll also be exclusive to and small run.

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