Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle

April 25, 2022

Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle

This Mother’s Day, we’ve created a Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle that provides everything you need to ensure nourishment from the tip of her head to the ends of her twinkly toes.

If mum loves a DIY treatment, my Supercharged Food Earth Mask and Scrub combine minerals and clay's healing powers to beautify and soften the skin. This face mask and scrub is rich in sensational silica and helps give a more youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of age spots, rosacea and pigmentation.

And hey, why not play some soothing music and light a Negative Ion Candle to keep her mind relaxed and calm? Negative ions are little packets of energy from the earth that elevate your mood by increasing serotonin levels, purifying and cleaning the air and counteracting the positive ions in your environment.

For in-and-out beauty, be sure to throw in the Super Nourished Hair, Skin and Nails for good measure. It’s a berry flavoured collagen beauty supplement to enhance the health of her hair, skin and nails to improve strength, shine and appearance. It has a natural berry and beet flavour for an easy-drinking, light taste that mixes into water, smoothies or juices. 

Our special dealio on this bundle will save you 20% off the recommended price.  Shop the Nourishing Mother’s Day Bundle here.

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