Meet Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food

February 02, 2019 1 Comment

Meet Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food

Come and learn how to Supercharge Your life and try out our Love Your Gut powder.

Lee Holmes is hitting the road to bring her new book Supercharge Your Life to life.  She loves nothing more than touring Australia and meeting people in towns and cities all over this beautiful country. 

If you've spent years navigating one restrictive diet after another, it's time to shed the fear of eating the 'wrong' thing and fall in love with food again. An enduring kitchen is one where real food and thoughtful eating practices come together, and where common-sense and simplicity are celebrated.

Lee will be sharing with you her insights into the seven keystones to life and how food is interwoven in so many parts of our lives. You'll also pick up simple cooking tips and tricks to make your life in the kitchen easier! Plus you can come and try her smoothie bowl recipe and take home a sample of the Love Your Gut powder.

Please come and say hello she would love to see you soon. :)

Visit the Supercharged Food events page to find where and when she will be in your area.

Supercharge Your Gut Team xo 

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