Love Your Gut Capsules Available Online and In Stores

August 15, 2019

Love Your Gut Capsules Available Online and In Stores

Love Your Gut powder has a very simple and natural approach to gut health. Taken daily, it helps to gently cleanse the digestive tract. With a clean and toned gut, you will notice that you’ll have better digestion, waste removal and increased nutrient absorption. Now you can get Love Your Gut powder in convenient capsules. For gut health on the go!

Encased in vegan capsules, they contain nothing but food-grade and naturopathic-grade Diatomaceous Earth. Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth contains 17 natural minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc, and is made up of tiny honeycomb-shaped particles. As these particles move through the digestive tract, their positive charge may attract negatively charged bacteria, pathogens, fungi and heavy metals. This creates an unburdened digestive system, which can then more easily absorb nutrients and store hydration. Diatomaceous Earth is also rich in Silica – ideal for supporting hair, skin and nails.

You can find Love Your Gut capsules in your favourite health food shops or pharmacies across Australia. If you would like a list of stores near you, just ask 

They are also available online here or at Nourished Life. If your go-to store doesn't stock them, please tell them to contact

Happy health and gut-loving!

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