Be your gut's Valentine, awwww 😍🥰🌹 And, Just A(nother) Thought.

February 12, 2024 1 Comment

Be your gut's Valentine, awwww 😍🥰🌹 And, Just A(nother) Thought.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read our little gut health blog. We hope you have as much fun and interest with it as we have creating it.

There's lots of talk about love at this time of the year (though, of course, we love, love 24/7, 365).  

As we're super focused on gut health let's just think about how we can love our gorgeous insides. So how to improve gut health? Be your gut's Valentine 🌹.

What's your gut's love language?

We're not sure Love Languages apply here but it feels right to think about our gut as a unique part of ourselves. And, as such, what are the things it most enjoys, the things that tells it it's loved? 

Words of affirmation
- "I love my gut and all it does for me."
- "All the love I put into my gut, I get back twofold."

Acts of service:
- Drinking lots of fresh water each and every day.
- Eating easily digestible meals, soups, broths, steamed vegetables.

Receiving gifts
- Your love and attention is a gift to your gut. Often overlooked and often overworking your gut thrives on some simple, healthy practises.
- Supplement your gut health: Clean it with Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder or capsules. Deep clean and hydrate with Love Your Gut fulvic humic concentrate. Nourish your microbiome with the food it adores - Love Your Gut Synbiotic powder.

Quality time:
- Take your time eating. Be mindful. Make some time so there's time to take your time (does that even make sense. ha?).
- Masticate! Chew your food thoroughly. 
- Giving your gut some time out. Try 16/8 fast or a fasting program like Lee's

Physical touch:
- A lovely gut massage below

Lee says: "In all my years in practice, study and research, I've found over and again much of health and wellness, recovery and resilience resides in the gut. The good news is that you can do much to improve your gut's health through nutrition and hydration. Of course, there's medications too but even then a thriving gut biome will help their effectiveness. When it comes to good gut health, it's all good!"

 Fulve in Luve with 25% OFF Fulvic Humic Concentrate

Just a thought

A simple thought from a John Prine song: 
I'm taking a walk (taking a walk)
I'm going outside (going outside)
I'm taking a walk (taking a walk)
I don't need a ride (just getting by)
I'm watching the birds (taking a walk)
Flying so high (going outside)

Thanks for the idea John, I'm going to talk a walk and watch some birds this evening. 🦜🦉

Love and learning,


The Supercharge Your Gut Team

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February 27, 2024

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