5 Ways to Get a Gut of Steel

April 27, 2020 3 Comments

5 Ways to Get a Gut of Steel

Steel your gut!

Now is the time to not only love your gut but ramp it up. We need to steel it and make it as ironclad as possible. A gut that’s steeled for the fight against sickness, bacteria, viruses, weight gain and mood will keep you fit, strong and happy.

Today we’d love to share five quick tips to help you to steel your gut
Really try to increase your hydration. Water, juice, herbal teas, smoothies are great to include in your diet. Also try to cut-down on coffee and black, green tea. Have water at hand so that you are always ready to drink it and sip it through the day. If you don’t like cold water try warm water instead!

Try this smoothie at home: 


Fibre-rich foods. 

These also help get things a-moving downstairs! Most of us don’t have enough fibre in our diets, hence bloating, constipation and diarrhoea.  Think pears, strawberries, avocados, lentils and beans or a good piece of fibre rich bread.

Try these best-ever scrambled eggs on toast!


Pre and probiotics. 

They are now a must-have for reinforcing your gut environment and helping to grow your good bacteria in your inner ecosystem. Try to take them daily or include more prebiotic-rich foods like asparagus, sweet potato and onions and also probiotic-rich foods like yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut into your diet. They help your gut lead the good life! Eat smaller, more frequent meals to avoid overwhelming the GI tract. Try and eat less so as not to overwhelm your gut. When it comes to good gut health think less is more!

Chew your food.

At least 32 times before swallowing. It takes fewer chews to break down
soft and water-filled food. The goal of chewing is to break down your food so it
loses texture. Chewing 32 times appears to be an average number applied to
most bites of food.
Double your dose of Love Your Gut (LYG) powder.

Up to 6grams of powder a day or 8 capsules. LYG’s job is to gently clean your system. This allows your gut to do its best work - dispersing nutrients and hydration to your organs and disposing of bad bacteria
and waste. LYG has also a pH 8 for an alkaline gut environment - ideal growing conditions for your micro-biome. 

Try these ways to steel your gut and let us know what you think?

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