How do I love thee gut…let me count the ways!

May 12, 2022

How do I love thee gut…let me count the ways!

When it comes to pointing out all the ways to love Elizabeth Barrett Browning puts it perfectly. Forgive us for mangling her lucious poetry for the purposes of counting ways to love your gut.

The gut may not be the most lyrical organ. That probably belongs to skin. There’s no end of poetic references to the beauty of luminous skin. However, by showering it with love and concern, the gut will reveal its beautiful nature and respond in kind.

Of course, with a food range called Love Your Gut, we’re going to include these products in gut-loving ways. But the purpose of this piece is to explore some other ways to love your gut to pieces.

Meditation makes Lee happy

Lee says: “As a clinical nutritionist and author of nine healthy recipe books, food and nutrition is my go-to gut health prescription. However, as someone dedicated to a holistic approach to life and health, I love discovering new ways to look after myself and my gut. Yoga and meditation really work for me. Exercise too. The ideas are out there for you to find and try for yourself.”

Counting ways to love your gut

1. Gut massage. We’ve written about this simple massage a few times now. People really respond to it and write to tell us how much it has helped.

2. Fibre. Really, we must consume more fibre in our diets. Preferably through food, rather than supplements. NB. our Love Your Gut powder and capsules are a food that acts like fibre…gently, (actually more gently than most dietary fibres), getting things moving in our digestive system.

3. Yoga moves. Cat/Cow is something you can do in the loungeroom after meals. It might scare the kids but your gut will enjoy it.

4. De-stress. Stress has a major impact on digestion and gut health (and the rest of our health!) Child’s Pose is a great way to signal to your body that you’re not in the mood to be in a mood!

5. Give it a rest, why don’t ya! Don’t eat three hours before sleep. Your gut is a 24/7 workaholic. Give it less to work on during the night.

6. Read all about it! Lee has written two best-selling and practical books on gut health. The more you know, the more you can love your gut.

The title says it all

There’s also a number of free gut health ebooks.
Also, the ever-popular Heal Your Gut 4-week online program. Going strong for over seven years.

7. Breathe into your belly. Many of us feel a tightness and weight in our upper belly. Your breath will ease it. Try seven rounds of breathing.

  1. breath in for a count of 7
  2. hold the breath for a count of 7
  3. breath out for a count of 7
  4. hold for a count of 7.
  5. Repeat, you guessed it, seven times.

8. Water your gut garden. We can all be guilty of neglecting to drink enough water. Lovely fresh, preferably filtered water is just heaven for your gut.

9. Walk it off. Walk and exercise. Just do it!

10. Any product in our Love Your Gut range that takes your fancy. There’s products to gently cleanse, to nourish and flourish, to deep clean, to feed with greens, to Mother your gut…and many more.

What are your gut-loving ways? We’d love to hear any ideas and practices that work for your gut. Reach out at and we’ll post them for all to see and enjoy.

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