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February 26, 2022

Gut Central

The gut really is at the centre of everything
Not only is your gut kinda, sorta in the middle of your body it is also in the middle of almost all health conditions, not only the ones directly related to the gut. Research and common sense bears this out. A healthy (or loved gut) really is the key to being healthy and alleviating whatever ails you.

The search is over, the research is in

There are literally reams of literature [1] on the gut, the microbiome and digestive system’s role in health.

You name it, the gut plays a part in the successful treatments: Crohn’s, Coeliac, ulcerative colitis, SIBO, candida, bloating, constipation, IBD, chronic diarrhoea, GERD, IBS, lactose intolerance, diverticulitis, leaky gut (dysbiosis), inflammation, mental health, weight management, skin health, worms, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s disease.

It just makes common sense

As all nutrition and hydration is processed and dispersed by the digestive system it makes it easy to understand its importance to our overall health. It’s not like the appendix (seriously, what is this thing for?!?)
It also makes it easy to realise that an under-performing gut environment is at the nexus of many health conditions. If it isn’t doing it’s job properly, you’re not going to get the nutrition and hydration your body needs. This reduced nutrition and hydration leads to or worsens any number of health conditions.
A loved gut is at the centre of everything

A loved gut, on the other hand….
A loved gut is a workaholic for your health. It’s always doing something good for us, even at rest. (In fact, resting your gut is something we need to consider more). So what is a loved gut?

To start with, your gut needs constant cleaning. Just like your teeth if you don’t gently ‘brush’ your digestive system plaque, bacteria and waste build up. Our Love Your Gut powder and capsules are world famous in Australia for their gut cleaning abilities.

Lee Holmes (Clinical Nutritionist and Supercharged Food founder) says, “I’m a big believer in the need to clean house when it comes to the gut. I’ve found that highest quality diatomaceous earth is a great way to gently, gently sweep away waste build up. This build up stands in the way of proper nutrition and hydration. When it comes to cleaning I recommend to all my clients to take Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth along with a diet rich in fibre”.

This clean environment means there’s less toxins roaming about our bodies wrecking havoc. And by regular, daily acts of gut cleaning you’ll keep these toxins at bay - your body will rid itself the natural way. Chelating heavy metals is a buzz phrase du jour. And for good reason. Our modern environment exposes us to more and more heavy metals. We’re not talking about car-size metals, although you don’t want to be ingesting an Audi either. We’re talking about microscopic heavy metal particles finding their way into the food supply.

Fulvic humic is renowned for its ability to chelate “ influence the removal and transportation of heavy metals by nanomaterials” [2]. If you’re concerned about heavy metals we suggest you try our Love You Gut Fulvic Humic Concentrate.
A toned gut is another by-product of a loved gut. By toning we mean the gut environment is not just clean but it’s balanced and primed for work.

You tone your gut by feeding it well. Fresh, nutritious food and liquids. (Less, much less, processed foods and sugary drinks).

A toned gut has a healthy pH level - it’s alkaline. Again, Love Your Gut powder and capsules help here. They’re pH8 and contribute to this alkalinity. Also, just keeping your fresh water intake to a consistent level is going to even out your gut.

Feeding your microbiota with prebiotics and probiotics ensures your gut is primed with lovely nutrients. You might crave pizza or chips but your gut craves prebiotics and probiotics! Love Your Gut Synbiotic has both prebiotics and probiotics, in fact 20+ billion probiotics in every single loving spoonful!

Give it a rest!

Even workaholics need a rest. Your gut is no different. You can give it a rest a number of ways.

  • Intermittent Fasting or 16/8 eating gives your gut less processing work to do, allowing it to reset and catch-up. Try our6 week Fast Your Way to Wellness program here or read the Fast Your Way to Wellness book here.
  • Pre-digested, easily digested meals. Sounds ick but they can be lovely. Anything pre-cooked, blended or broken down. Think slow cooked meals, soups, smoothies. (Raw, uncooked foods are great but too much of them can be a menace to your gut. It has to work overtime to break down and process many raw foods).

Why not try our gut loving Beef Pho Bone Broth recipe here.

Research links
[1] The gut microbiome in health and in disease
[2] Impact of humic/fulvic acid on the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using nanomaterials: a review

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