How to Form a Healthy Habit + FREE 100G Bag of Love Your Gut Powder

December 19, 2019 2 Comments

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Forming a Healthy Habit

There's only really two ways to cementing a good habit:

  1. Remember why.
  2. Keeping it in front of you.

The second point first. Keeping it in front of you is having the goal top-of-mind, unavoidable, wildly waving at you, a part of life. If you have a healthy habit at home, how can you make sure you keep it up at work?

Remembering why is the real key to forming a new health habit. Why are you doing this? Why it's a must-do. Remind yourself of the ultimate human question: what's in it for me?

So what's a healthy habit you want to start in the new year?

Can we recommend you consider good gut health as a 2020 goal? 

We can help you start even over the silly Xmas and New Year season. Funnily enough, we suggest Love Your Gut (LYG) powder as a starting point to gut health. A clean, toned gut is the way to absorb more nutrients and hydration. And a hard-working gut helps ditch the bad stuff - for example, fatty foods and alcohol.

Soooooo, we're offering a FREE 100g bag of LYG with any purchase from our store.

Here's how the free 100g bag of LYG helps form a good gut habit.

1. Remember why: your gut is the epicentre to your overall health. LYG helps keep it clean and mean. A clean, toned gut is the way to make the most of your health – more energy, less bloating; more nutrient absorption, less build-up of waste in your system. You'll see the difference.

2. Keeping it in front of you: consider your 100g bag as your second bag. It will help you have LYG in other areas of your day. Imagine the bag smiling up at you from the work drawer or jumping into your hand from your tote or gym bag. 



Want this bag of Love Your Gut Powder for FREE?

It's pretty simple to get this giveaway!

  • Just purchase any other Supercharge Your Gut product (including books and programs) on the site.
  • Add the 100g LYG bag (along with one other product to your cart) and the 100g bag will automatically be rung up as $0. Easy!


Download our FREE recipe e-books for gut-loving recipes, tips and more:

2 Responses

lee holmes
lee holmes

June 05, 2020

It is the same cost :) Lee x

Bob Renaldo
Bob Renaldo

January 02, 2020

if I buy an ebbok and get the free 100g LYG powder, what about the cost of shipping?

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