Foods to Boost Your Colon Health and they're Yummy and Supercharged!

January 16, 2019

Foods to Boost Your Colon Health and they're Yummy and Supercharged!

Have you been thinking about following an intensive detox or juice diet but can’t bite the bullet? Are you so close to booking your colonic but something’s holding you back? Before you do, please know there’s a natural and maintainable way that you can look after your colon health; it’s time for a natural colonic!

We're sharing our natural toolkit for creating a sparkling clean and shiny gut and we know you all want the inside scoop. Before we spill the beans (not included in the colon health-boosting diet, by the way), there are some key factors about the colon and detoxification that you need to know.

There are three critical organs that help filter and clean up the body: the liver, the kidneys and the colon. The liver is our first line of defence, the kidneys help filter our blood and the colon helps remove toxic waste.

While the colon isn’t so glamorous and isn’t usually the topic of dinner-party conversion, we can’t achieve a thrivingly healthy gut (which is why we’re all here!) without it. To help with waste removal and to ensure we have energy, we need to keep the colon in good shape!  If your colon is burdened by the junk of digestion in your trunk, you may experience symptoms of a sluggish colon including constipation, bladder infections, bad breath, body odour, digestive pain and cramping, acne, brain fog, fatigue and allergies.

If you get the feels with any of these symptoms above, eating a wholefoods diet high in lacto-fermenting bacteria is your go-to! These foods help break through and clean out toxins, rebuild your gut flora and nourish your colon.

If you want more specifics, there are various colon-friendly foods that you need to wrap your head around. Keep this list on the fridge, or maybe on your phone, and keep your colon thriving without taking any drastic measures.

Clean up your colon with cloves and black pepper – this helps break down the biofilm that occurs in the colon and causes waste.

Apple cider vinegar helps strip out important minerals to keep the biofilm matrix surviving. I love adding Apple Cider Vinegar to stocks and soups like we did in our Bestest Ever Roasted Vegetable Stock

Wholefood probiotics such as coconut yoghurt, fermented vegetables and sauerkraut can help quickly rebuild gut microbes which in turn, will resynthesise nutrients from food, degrade toxins and provide energy to the cells lining the colon. Try some Fermented Vegetables here.

Foods high in plant-based fibre such as flaxseeds or linseeds, psyllium husk and oats can help sweep out the colon, naturally aid your detoxification and increase your bowel movements. Try out this Chia and Berry Overnight Breakfast Jar and Baked Fish with a Flaxseed Crust for dinner.

We all know dark leafy greens are good for you, but why? Well, they’re rich in chlorophyll which helps heal and seel a damaged colon and draw out toxins. Just throw all your wheatgrass, spinach, sprouts and dark leafy greens in a blender, block your nose, close your eyes and pretend you’re sipping margaritas on a tropical island. Bliss.

How can we speak about colon health without a little sprinkle of magic? Our Love Your Gut powder, made of diatomaceous earth, naturally lessens the build-up of waste in the colon and removes heavy metals. It can also sweep out toxins, pathogenic bacteria and parasites from the body. We suggest having 1 teaspoon daily initially and working your way up to two tablespoons a day. It goes great in Raw Mini Lime TartsHello Vera Smoothie and these Cherry Ripe Easter Eggs.

Hydration hydration hydration! It is VITAL (yes, we said vital and used capital letters, so you know it’s important!), to drink 2-3 litres of pure, filtered water every single day. Not only does drinking water help your energy levels, it also keeps your cells happy and your gut hydrated and cleansed. If you’re feeling #fancy, add a splash of lemon juice in the morning to rehydrate and kick-start detoxification for the day.

Try these foods and let us know if you feel boosted!

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