Feeding Your Microbiota

December 01, 2020 1 Comment

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Did you know that your gut works as a macro and micro worker for your body? Macro - it processes, digests and disperses food, nutrients and hydration for our organs and bloodstream to work its wonders. Also, as we’re learning more and more, the gut is a finely tuned precision engineer that requires micronutrients. We need to start feeding the inhabitants who call our micro gut, the microbiome, home. 

Getting both these macro and micro components working in tandem will pay dividends to your overall health and vitality.

Today, we’re sharing how to concentrate on feeding your gut on a microscopic level. Tiny elements but big, big results. Here are a few ways to get your gut game strong…

Minerals Missing

Dr Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes stated: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment, ultimately to a mineral deficiency." 

Dr Linus

Not to be alarmist, but our food chain is becoming untethered. And it starts in the soils of the world. They’ve been so over-used and degraded with pesticides that many minerals have been leached. It's only from soils, from the earth, that our foods can contain minerals.

Organic farming and eating organic food is beneficial to the gut as pesticides, fungicides and herbicides aren’t used, which become hard for the gut to handle and are difficult to process. Organic foods are more nutrient rich and mineral-dense so they’re better for you. In the long run when it comes to health, eating organically is much better value for money. 

The bad news is that because of industrialised farming, the missing minerals aren’t flooding back to our food any time soon. So we need to supplement with minerals. Our micro gut craves minerals. “Gimme some of that sweet, sweet silica, magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, iodine!” they’d sing out to you!.  

Minerals do their job in micro doses. We don’t need monster truckloads of them, just a little each day, from natural sources. Minerals, of course, are earthly things. They may be able to be synthetically reproduced in a lab but always hit nature up for your mineral requirements. 

Non, no, yes! 

It’s little wonder we’re so attuned now to not only what’s in our food but what isn’t! For our microbiota no is a big YES!

Non-GMO, yes. No artificial colours or preservatives, ya! No animal products (vegan), ja! No gluten, sugar, additives or stabilisers, yeah! Numbers? Nope!

Say yes to nature and try to keep your foods and drinks as close to their raw state as possible – Mother Nature understands what we need, and you can’t go wrong opting for the colourful bounty that she provides.

When consuming vegetables, one thing to consider is that they’re best slightly cooked, and steamed is best. Soups are also a great way to get a good concentration of veggies. The act of cooking effectively starts the digestion process. Many veggies are quite fibrous and difficult to process in their raw state. Lightly cooked veggies can be more easily devoured by our guts.

Fulvic Humic Concentrate

Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC) feeds your microbiome. It helps remineralise your body. It contains more than seventy trace minerals, elements and hundreds of cofactors within its molecular complex. Water just seems more hydrating with a few drops in it and supports hydration and energy. Our cells can become less permeable meaning nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes which spark cell function, have less chance of getting through the cell wall to give it the nourishment it needs and for the body to operate the multitude of processes it requires for proper functioning. FHC works on that molecular level to deliver the good stuff to your cells. 

Our gut may not look like it but it’s actually a fussy eater. It’s not hard, though, to give it the metaphorical ‘here comes the choo-choo train’ of good, clean food and minerals!

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