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March 13, 2022

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​​There are some jobs that we just really should be doing ourselves. In fact, it can be highly rewarding and fun to ‘do it yourself’. This usually applies to tasks around the home. But there are other things we can do that are even closer to home, like giving our gut a lovely little makeover.

Let’s explore some ideas for you to tend to your gut health. And let’s count how many renovating/building puns we can squeeze in for good measure (that’s the first).

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist from Supercharged Food says “DIY around the home is one of my favourite activities. I find it relaxing and creative. I’m forever moving things around, trying out new ways to see which configuration works. And the sense of ease and accomplishment keeps me motivated to do more.
The same applies to your health, especially my favourite organ, the gut. Some tinkering around with your gut health can pay dividends to your overall health and whatever health condition you may have. For me some simple gut health practices and foods help my inflammatiory (fibromyalgia) and Crohn’s condition. If my gut is out of balance then it almost immediately shows in my body via inflammation.”

Your Gut Toolkit
Every DIYer has an old reliable toolkit. A go-to array of tools to fix whatever comes up, when they come up. An immediate quick fix. Here’s a number of ingredients we always have on hand and use everyday.

Spice up your coffee or beverage
Make your coffee or tea better for your gut by adding some spice to the grounds or in the brew. Spices have a variety of phytonutrients (cinnamon has 11 different types of phytonutrients. Also cinnamon helps you reduce the amount of sugar or sweetener required. Try it next time, play around with the blend. You’ll be glad you did). Try our Golden Gut blend for a lovely anti-inflammatory cuppa https://www.superchargeyourgut.com/products/golden-gut-blend

The only drawback of eating spinach is the Popeye sized forearms you immediately get with every bite!
Spinach is great for the gut in so many ways especially in boosting the good gut bacteria [1]
We always have a bunch of spinach in our crisper. Add it to smoothies, try a few extra leaves in your salad. Stir fry it. Just munch on a few leaves, why not?!

It’s not exactly an ingredient but more fibre in our diet is the equivalent to descaling your kettle. It’s not a sexy job, it’s not visible to others. But soooo satisfying!

We carry around 500g to 3 kilos of undiscarded waste in our digestive system. That’s the scale on the inside of your kettle. Fibre (and our Love Your Gut products by the way) helps to dislodge and discard this waste.

Shameless plug
When it comes to working on your gut our Love Your Gut products should be in your toolbelt. They’ve been working hard for people’s gut health since 2014.
Our Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder and capsules are famous for their gentle gut cleansing. Take them daily to clean your gut and keep it clean.
On a ‘deeper’ clean level, our Fulvic Humic Concentrate comes into its own. Fulvic Humic is renowned for its heavy metal chelating properties.

Woman receiving gut massage

A flourishing microbiome

Love Your Gut Synbiotic is a formula developed by Lee Holmes in her Northern Beaches Nutrition Clinic. It contains probiotics (20+ billion of them in every daily serve!), prebiotics, dietary fibre and digestive enzymes. Your gut will looooooove Synbiotic.

Love Your Gut Synbiotic

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist and Love Your Gut Synbiotic

Sources and resources
[1] Eat your greens to boost good gut bacteria

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