Change with the seasons

February 23, 2023

Change with the seasons

Whatever hemisphere you find yourself in, the season is turning yet again. From winter to spring; summer to autumn. It’s a beautiful thing!

It’s a time of change for nature. It’s also a time of change for our diets. A core part of eating mindfully and well is to choose foods that are in-season.

Seasonal eating brings us back to the natural order of things. It’s when our foods are at their peak in nutrition and flavour. The more we consume seasonally, the more our retailers will offer a more seasonally-adjusted array.

Your gut will also enjoy the seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are at their most nutrient dense and bio-available which means your gut can extract more nutrients with less effort.

Lee says, “At home, it still feels like summer but I’m really looking forward to the turning of nature into autumn. I start thinking about my oven a lot more! Roasted vegetables are a Supercharged Food HQ favourite.

I adjust my nutrition plans to take into consideration the most in-season of foods. It makes sense from a nutritional perspective but also brings us back in tune with Mother Nature.”

Northern hemisphere spring foods

Fresh peas. Frozen is fine but shelling your own brings you back to the source.

Pink grapefruit. A fresh way to start the day.

Avocado. Use liberally for good fats. Supercharge your smoothie with a scoop of the green goodness.

Asparagus. A wonderful side that makes any dinner plate special.

Radish. Thinly slice into salads for crunch and subtle flavour.

Fennel. A Supercharged salad favourite.

Lettuce. Mix it up with your lettuces for colour, texture and flavour profiles.

Mint. Fresh mint tea, yes!

Southern hemisphere Autumn foods

Apple. Refresh your mouth and body with a crunchy treat.

Blackberry. Throw a few in your smoothie for fibre and vitamins.

Butternut squash. Warming and rich.

Brussels sprouts. An underrated vegetable. Slice in half, bake and enjoy.

Cabbage (savoy and spring green). A great alternative salad base to lettuce.

Carrot. Grated in salads adds colour, crunch and flavour.

Cauliflower. Oven baked releases the flavour but is also so versatile.

Celery. We love the peppery crunch!

Always in season

Our Love Your Gut range is always ripe for the picking!

A change of season is a good reminder to reset your health and love your gut a little.

Grab your virtual basket and take a browse through our gut health supermarket at Supercharge Your Gut. There are plenty of gut loving options to cleanse, rebalance, repopulate and energise your gut health!

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