Beauty Benefits of Love Your Gut

November 27, 2019

Beauty Benefits of Love Your Gut

A healthy, clean gut shows on your face, hair and nails! 

The growth and strength of your hair and nails, plus the elasticity and clarity of your skin all starts when you Love Your Gut. 

Although we may think the best treatment for any beauty issues is to focus on the surface. Common problems like fragile, brittle hair and nails, and skin conditions such as acne or eczema can actually be a sign that your gut isn’t functioning properly. While outer beauty products are great to support and nourish us, a long-lasting health boost to hair, skin, and nails comes from the inside.

The more you love your gut, the more your beauty benefits. Don't believe us? See what Byrdie - one of the largest beauty sites on the internet had to say about taking our Love Your Gut powder:

"My digestion is better, and for that reason alone, I can't fathom a time I'll want to stop taking it. As far as the beauty benefits, I wanted longer, stronger hair, and I got it.."

Read the article here to learn all about Byrdie's experiment for longer, stronger hair with our 'magic dirt-drinking.'

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