Supercharged Gut Health

Love Your Gut powder is Australia’s best-selling natural gut health product. It’s also the simplest to take. Just a teaspoon daily in water, juice or a smoothie. It’s tasteless so just add to any beverage and include any other supplements you take. 

No need to change what you’re currently doing. Just follow your gut and show it some love. You’ll be loved in return! 

Everything works better with a better gut. It just makes sense. All that you consume goes through the gut. So when it’s clean and working efficiently nutrients and hydration are better absorbed. And, just as importantly, internal waste and bad bacteria are discarded through your normal bodily functions. 

Who can benefit from Love Your Gut? Anyone with a gut! The powder gently cleans your digestive system. It’s just like brushing your teeth. If you don’t brush twice a day plaque and bacteria quickly build-up. You can feel a slimy film on your teeth. It’s exactly the same with your gut. All food and drink passes through it (again, like your teeth), and if it’s not constantly and gently brushed waste will pile up. Love Your Gut powder acts like a soft and very gentle brush for your insides.

Where to buy. You can pick-up a bag of Love Your Gut powder or Golden Gut blend in stores throughout Australia, NZ and the UK and online.

Love Your Gut powder

One ingredient is in Love Your Gut powder - food-grade, fresh water diatomaceous earth (amorphous silica). Also known as Fossil Shell Flour. All-natural, organic whole food. It has no taste.

$19.95 for 8 weeks of super gut-love.

Golden Gut blend

Under a dollar a day! $24.95 for 25 serves of delicious Golden Gut blend.

Golden Gut blend has the gut cleansing Love Your Gut powder plus anti-inflammatory turmeric and spices. It’s delicious and very versatile - drink it, sprinkle it, blend it, mix it, bake it, love it. Plus it makes a delicious Golden gut latte.

Super Fast Facts:

Supercharged Food’s Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth is a food (not a medicine) so easy to consume.

For digestive and gut health.

A pH of 8.

Encourages a healthy pH balanced gut environment.

Helps to create a healthy alkaline environment in your body.

Silica-rich (think hair, skin and nails)!

Rich in iron to support energy levels.

Low sodium for heart health.

Vegan, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic.

17 essential minerals.

Supercharged Food has kept the price very reasonable so the love is shared inside and out, far and wide.

How to use: Add it to water or a smoothie or any supplement, eg a green powder, you’re taking. It has no taste so that also helps make it simple to use.