As an Accredited Clinical Nutritionist, Wholefoods Chef, Author of Eleven Best-Selling Books and Founder of Supercharged Food, Lee has spent over a decade dedicated to cultivating a wellness conscious community.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Lee shared her story of how wholesome, nutritional foods, and healthy lifestyle changes had an immense positive effect on wellbeing. This led to the creation of her business, Supercharged Food in 2010.

With titles like Supercharge Your Life, Eat Your Way to Good Health, Eat Yourself Beautiful, and Supercharge Your Gut, Lee's books are your roadmap to vibrant health and wellness.

Lee's impact goes beyond the pages of her books. She designed transformative programs like the 'Heal Your Gut' and 'Fast Your Way to Wellness,' and developed Australia’s number 1 natural gut health product, Love Your Gut powder, empowering individuals to reclaim their health.