Hair, Skin, Nails

Supercharge with silica. Watch the growth, health and strength of your hair and nails and elasticity and clarity of your skin be supercharged. Maybe, not quite right in front of your eyes but silica works super quickly!

Love Your Gut powder is 90%+ pure, natural, organic silica (fresh water, amorphous silica).

As an added benefit, the powder acts as a gentle gut cleanse, slowly ridding your body of built-up waste, plaque and bad bacteria. A healthy, clean gut shows on your face…and nails and hair!

With a pH level of 8 the powder helps keep your body balanced and alkaline. 

Love Your Gut powder is a food (not a medicine) and is easy to include in your daily health routine. 

(Shhhhh, a secret ingredient in Supercharged’s diatomaceous earth is negative ions. Including negative ions into your diet is a real positive for your hair, skin and nails. These are oxygen ions with an extra electron attached. They ‘attract’ and eliminate harmful particulates and dirt in the atmosphere that surrounds us. Most bad bacteria, waste and dirt is positively charged. So the microscopic stuff that harms our skin, nails and hair are attracted to the negative ions in Love Your Gut and discarded through your normal bodily functions. Here’s an interesting article on the benefits.

Where to buy. You can pick-up a bag of Love Your Gut powder or Golden Gut blend in stores throughout Australia, NZ and the UK and online.

Love Your Gut powder

One ingredient in Love Your Gut powder - food-grade, fresh water diatomaceous earth (amorphous silica). Also known as Fossil Shell Flour. All-natural, organic whole food. It has no taste.

$18 for 6-8 weeks of super gut-love (plus just $5 shipping).

Golden Gut blend

Golden Gut blend has the gut cleansing Love Your Gut powder plus anti-inflammatory turmeric and spices. It’s delicious and very versatile - drink it, sprinkle it, blend it, mix it, bake it, love it. 

$20 for 20 serves of delicious Golden Gut blend (plus just $5 shipping).

Super Fast Facts:

Organic whole food, not a medicine.

Rich in iron to support energy levels.

Low sodium for heart health.

Vegan, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic.

17 essential minerals.

Safe for all ages and through pregnancy. Just consult with healthcare professional and reduce serving size.

Just $18 RRP for 6-8 weeks of super gut-love.

Only $20 for 20 serves of delicious Golden Gut blend.

How to use: Add it to water or a smoothie or any supplement, eg green powder, you’re taking. It has no taste so that also helps make it simple to use.