Love Your Skin Australian Desert Zeolite, by Supercharged Food

Micronised Clinoptilolite Zeolite minerals are volcanic minerals which are highly negatively charged to help balance PH.  They have high absorptive properties. Beneficial for the skin and chronic eczema and rosacea. These are active minerals for your skin that maintain the skin microbiome and are cleansing to the body, to remove microscopic pollution and heavy metals. 

  • Sourced from the Australian desert
  • It’s 100% mineral, nothing added
  • Straight from the earth
  • 120gm

Lee says: “Zeolite is a wonder mineral! I sourced this from the pristine Australian desert. It’s supercharged with naturally occurring negative ions. In fact, it’s one of the world’s best sources of negative ions. Negative ions counteract the, mostly, positively charged ions emitted from modern day appliances (screens, air-conditioners, microwaves) and pollution.”

Love Your Skin Zeolite can be used as a facial, hand or body mask and scrub, or as a detoxing bath mineral. To make a facial mask, blend one heaped tsp. of Zeolite into a small bowl and add water to form a paste. Apply immediately onto skin with a applicator or clean fingers.

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