December 11, 2020


Obscure fact - the X in Xmas came about because of how we as a society started going Xtra in our eating, partying and, eventually, out clothes size. Actually, that is not a fact at all. But I had you for a moment, didn’t I? It’s because there’s a semblance of ‘that could be true’ in there somewhere. 

Years ago we discovered that there’s no use fighting the fun when it comes to the holidays and holiday eating. You can read more about how to tackle the holidays in our Healthy Holiday Hacks Book, here.

So if you can’t beat them why not join them? and let go a bit these holidays. And after the year we’ve had, that kind of thinking and doing can be cathartic. That’s not to say there aren’t things we can do over the coming months to offset some of the extremes and go into 2021 with a healthier body and attitude. As we always say, when it comes to gut health, it’s all about balance and moderation.

When you think about it, the decisions and choices you make now, will make all the difference to how much you get out of the silly season and how far back you are on your health goals once the season ends.

Today we’re exploring a number of mindsets and actions you can take to prime yourself for action. Also, we want to maintain as much of our residual health, fitness and weight so there’s less to do (and worry about) when it comes to getting back on the healthy living lifestyle. 

Weight is the issue for today. Like many wish making it begins with your goal. What’s your best chance at success? What does success look like for you? Only you know yourself and where your ‘weaknesses’ and strengths lie. Consider focusing on what weight management ideas work for you.

Many people succeed by setting reasonable weight goals of, say, not gaining weight over Xmas. A wishy-washy goal perhaps but it’s much better than gaining weight and then having to lose it.

Others are OK with putting on a few pounds over the break. They know they’ll get straight back into a healthy routine in the new year. 

Either way, enjoy this time. Reconnect with your friends and yourself. Go hard but go gentle. Here’s some healthy hacks to use over the break to help keep you in nick.


But bring them back when you’ve finished with them, hahaha (it’s been a long year, please excuse the bad jokes). Think incidental walking and activity. Look for opportunities - they abound and so should you (abound, that is). Walk a few bus stops. Take the stairs or walk down escalators. Ledges make great tricep dips. Squat when no-one’s looking. Stairs and hills are your friends. Walk, walk, walk.  


Replace the empty spaces in your tummy with some healthy, zero calories. You’ll more that make them up with the Xmas party canapés or feta-fest with friends. The best method is to drink loads of water or water infused with cucumber or fruits. Or drink herbal (non-caffeine) tea. It does fill you up, at least enough to get over the initial pangs.

Try these beautifully hydrated infused water jars!


Clean and tone your best weight watcher - your gut. 

Firstly, we can carry around 500g to 3 kilos (3 kilos!) of undiscarded waste in our digestive system. Not only does that add to our weight total and girth the waste also inhibits our gut from doing its primary job of processing and dispersing nutrients and hydration.

There’s another benefit of a fit tummy over Xmas. When it works at its best (or close to) the gut can help process and rid your body of toxins and alcohol. Get over a hangover, faster. 

It goes without saying but I’ve got the keyboard so it’ll be said (ha) that Love Your Gut powder is secret weapon against weight and hangovers. Start on it now before things really kick-off. It’s a gentle cleanse so the best time to start is yesterday and the second best is today! To supercharge the cleansing and feed your microbiota team-up Love Your Gut with our Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC). People are flocking to FHC. It works on your gut on a cellular level.

So don’t be like Saint Nick and get out of nick. Keep a few weight ideas in mind, look after yourself and Happy Days ahead.

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