August 03, 2022


If there is one piece of gut health advice we would love to share with you it is that starting your day with some gut loving will pay dividends throughout the rest of your day. 

Here’s what Lee Holmes, founder of Supercharged Food and Clinical Nutritionist, does to supercharge her gut each (well, mostly, each) day.

Lee says, “I’m a big advocate for healthy habits and rituals. And food and hydration are ideal to form habits around. One way that’s been successful for my nutrition clients is to form some consistent actions in the morning. Weekday mornings, in particular, when there’s some household hustle and time is of the essence, a few routines can really set you up for a wonderful day.”

Four ideas for the morning.

If you can shape these actions into your daily routine, you’ll be on your way to a good gut day.

  1. Can you guess what this is? We’ll wait…..

    Yep. Hydrate.
    It’s doubly important in the morning as we have a big wodge of time without drinking and usually expelling waste through late night trips to the bathroom and natural perspiration.
    Lee continues, “I have many clients who want advice on making less bathroom trips through the night. The only way that consistently works is to not drink or just a few sips, three hours before bedtime. That can mean by the time you wake it’s 11 hours since you’ve hydrated! You really need to down some water when you wake! I recommend people add a few drops of Fulvic Humic concentrate to help the absorption and add some vital minerals to their day”

2. Supercharge your tea or coffee.

Most of us just simply love our morning cuppa ritual. You can still enjoy it while adding a few ingredients to help your gut and mitigate caffeine’s detrimental effects (like dehydration).

Add a spice blend (just the spices, no added sugar or gunk). Think cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and allspice.

Also, add a few drops of Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic drops. They add gut-loving minerals, help nutrient absorption and removal of heavy metals. But don’t add any flavour.

There’s also our lovely Golden Gut blend. It tastes wonderful, has a 5-star health rating and provides much gut love.

3. Break the fast with breakfast.

This is one meal that is often rushed or skipped all together amongst the morning rush. However, it’s important to fuel-up and give your gut some nutrients to spread around your body. The good thing about the morning is your gut has had time to rest…in effect, a fast. Again, if you don’t eat or drink three hours before bed, you can have a healthy 11 hour fast every day. Your gut will love that!

To make it easy for you, have a weekly batch of bircher muesli or similar in the fridge. So easy and easy on the gut.

Or make a fresh, nutrient dense smoothie to drink on the commute (even if your commute is from the kitchen to your home office).

Here’s a wonderful smoothie recipe. It goes without saying, but we will anyway, you can supercharge your smoothie by adding any or all of these Love Your Gut products: Synbiotic, Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth and fulvic humic drops. Oh, and make sure to add ingredients rich in fibre.

4. Morning movement.

No, we’re not talking that movement (though being regular is hugely important), but movement of the body kind. Can you leave ten minutes earlier and walk to a further bus stop or around the block? What about throwing down a towel or mat for some basic yoga moves? Or move your soul with a morning meditation, just fifteen minutes!

The morning is a new day for you and your gut. Get both off to a good start by making some healthy habits and morning rituals your body will thank you for it!

And now for a delicious morning recipe you can make the night before.

Raspberry and Chia Overnight Brekky Jar


Click here for the recipe!

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