October 10, 2023


Diatomaceous earth (DE), pronounced dia-tom-ace-ous, is a silica-rich mineral from beneath the earth (also known as amorphous silica, freshwater type). Food grade DE is a superfine white powder with minimal taste that mixes easily into water, juice or smoothies (even cooking).

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DE, an ancient history lesson
Food grade diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary mineral composed of the fossilized remains of diatoms. Diatoms are microscopic, single-celled algae that lived in ancient oceans. Over time, their silica-rich cell walls accumulated on the ocean floor, forming the deposits we now extract diatomaceous earth.

DE, a recent history

Clinical nutritionist, Lee Holmes, discovered DE 15 years ago through a nutritionist colleague. It led to over two years of research and analysis of numerous sources of DE. Her Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth is the finest food and nutritionist grade diatomaceous earth on earth.

DE loves our guts

Love Your Gut is the gentlest DEtox!

Lee says: ‘I see in my nutritional practice, and the science backs it up, the root of many health conditions is the gut. It’s a reason why I’ve written two books on the topic: 10x re-printed Heal Your Gut and Supercharge Your Gut. I’m dedicated to helping people’s gut health.

A major gut issue is the 500g to 3 kilos of undiscarded waste in our guts and tight junctures of our intestines. We need a daily, gentle clean, I liken it to brushing your teeth to keep bacteria and plaque at bay. DE is the best and most gentle way to naturally clean the digestive system on a daily basis’.


Lee literally wrote the book on healing your gut

DE a No.1 Hit!
Love Your Gut DE is Australia’s No.1 natural gut health product and is now loving tens of thousands of Korean, Japanese, Kiwi, Chinese and British guts. And, soon, Indian guts! Yay!
It comes in 250g, 100g and 120 capsules.


The Supercharge Your Gut Team

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