The Vital Organ for a Happy Holiday Season

December 09, 2019

The Vital Organ for a Happy Holiday Season

Why your gut is your most vital organ over the holidays.

It's not the kidneys or liver (though they are essential). It's not the biggest organ, the skin. It's definitely not a Wurlitzer Organ.

It's your gut. It's vital at any time of the year but especially this season of over-eating and over-drinking.

It's inevitable with all the parties, BBQ's, gatherings and time-off we let go of some of our better, healthier routines. However, just keeping an eye on our gut health will help you make the most of the silly season. And come out the other side with a headstart on a healthy 2020.

We like to think of ourselves as Santa's Little Helpers so we've produced Healthy Holiday Hacks eBook. And it's FREE! It's packed with hacks on how to look after your gut over the holidays. 

A clean and toned gut helps you process and get rid of all the 'bad stuff' we consume. It also helps you absorb and disperse the good nutrients and hydration. (Is the gut actually Santa?)

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