T’was the season!

January 09, 2023

T’was the season!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday period and were able to let yourself go a little. We certainly indulged ourselves when it came to food. Mostly healthy dishes and drink choices but the occasional sugary, fatty treat made its way into our belly.

Of course, that’s all good. A Supercharged Food lifestyle is one of balance, being easy on ourselves and pointing ourselves in the direction of good food and nutrition.

Many people reach out to us at this time of year for hints on maintaining some of the holiday relaxed chill, resetting health goals, and forging ahead from a strong foundation.

Keep the holiday vibes going

There’s a long year ahead and most of us have used a good chunk of our annual holiday allocation. And that’s a good thing! We need to take a break at all times of the year, month, week, days, hours!

Let’s not now careen back into work mode and undo some of the good the time off has afforded us.

Here’s a few hints on how to keep feeling ALL the holiday feels.

  • Go through your recent week’s pics, get them on rotation as a screen-saver.
  • Start planning your next holiday…the next best thing to being on holiday is thinking about it.
  • Work/Life balance. Set some goals around evening out these equally important facets of life.
  • Get creative. Pick up a new hobby or interest. Picking up a book or trying something new (stand-up paddleboarding, anyone?) are things we do on holidays, so keep channeling those holiday thoughts.

Reset your health

It was so much fun to indulge over Xmas and New Year! At Supercharged we believe in celebrating the celebration of good friends, family and food. So no regrets for that second helping at Xmas lunch, just help yourself to the good memories.

Having said that, we do need to get back on into a health routine that will sustain us.

Setting a few health goals is always a good place to start. What do you want from your body? Keep the ideas simple, doable and personal.

Fix or manage my health condition?

Lose 3 kilos?

Feel more vital, less tired?

Hit 10,000 steps a day on average?

Go to the gym 3 times a week?

Eat vegetarian once or twice a day?

We’re always going to recommend having your gut central to your health plans. It’s the one organ that provides the most reward for effort. Feed it lovely, nutritious food and water and your gut will love you right back.

Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder or capsules are a good gut practice to get into. The diatomaceous earth is famous for its gut cleaning. A clean gut is best placed to process and disperse nutrients and get rid of the waste.

Feed your gut the good stuff - add Love Your Gut Synbiotic to your daily smoothie or just have it with water. The prebiotics, probiotics, dietary fibre and digestive enzymes are delicious for your gut biome.

A strong foundation

Really, eating healthily, loving your gut and exercise are the building blocks to overall well being.

Make 2023 the year you reinforce your foundations so you can forge ahead!

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