Supercharge Your Immunity and recovery

January 15, 2022

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The ideas we need right about now.

In Australia the pandemic is sweeping through the country. It’s safe to say that many of us now know someone with it, or someone who has recently had coronavirus or one of its variants.

One way to help combat the symptoms if you do have it is to help boost your natural defenses. And, if you or a loved one do contract it, what are some ideas, in addition to those of your doctor, that might help you cope and recover?

Let’s turn our attention to being constructive with ideas on how we can build our immune response and how to recover.

Your Immune System Loves a Loved Gut.

Immunity. It’s the hot topic raising the temperature of many discussions nowadays. It’s also a vexed issue - vaccines, herd immunity, pandemics, vitamins, supplements, snake oil.

At Supercharged Food we’re all about the power of food and the gut. Not overblown promises, cure-alls, just good, ol’ natural food and good ol’ gut health. When it comes to immunity, food and your gut environment can play an important role in helping you thwart disease, manage it and bounce back.

Supercharge Your Immunity and recovery

Supercharge Your Immune Health 14-day Shopping List

We’ve created a FREE ‘Supercharge Your Immune Health 14-day Shopping List’ to help you and your family navigate which foods are best. It’s a practical list of pantry, fridge and freezer immune-boosting staples. We’ve done all the research and list-writing for you. It’s super simple to download and share with your loved ones.

A loved gut will help

A thriving gut environment, one we like to call a ‘loved gut’ helps build your immunity and recover. A loved gut means one that is cared for and tended on a regular, daily basis. The immunity pantry shopping list is a great place to start.

Another route to a loved gut is through Supercharged Food’s Love Your Gut range.


@shonaghwalker found relief of her Covid-induced gastro-like symptoms with out Love Your Gut capsules within 24 hours

The Love Your Gut range is an holistic approach to gut health, developed by Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist, author and founder of Supercharged Food. It’s also Australia’s no.1 natural gut health range and is now available globally.

The ever-popular Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder and capsules have been available for ten years now. And more people use it every year (we’re so glad that it helps). The diatomaceous earth powder does many things but it’s key role is to cleanse and tone your gut. We can carry around 500g to 3 kilos of undiscarded waste in our body! Removing the waste helps the gut to get back to it’s main job of processing and dispensing nutrients and hydration throughout our organs and body.

Our Fulvic Humic Concentrate are our ‘drops of Jupiter’ for your gut. FHC foundationally supports the integrity of the gut lining and strengthens its tight junctions, whilst replenishing microbiota, nutrients and enzymes.

As always, while proper nutrition, hydration and good gut practices are vital to your health, if you are experiencing any symptoms please consult a healthcare professional.

New product alert!
Lee’s latest gut loving formula lands next week! Read all about it in next week’s newsletter and blog. Shhhh, here’s a sneak peek….

Love Your Gut Synbiotic Prebiotic

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