June 15, 2022


​​A FREEEEEE 100g Love Your Gut powder to share (or keep to yourself)

One thing we have learned since launching Love Your Gut nine years ago is that once people try it they keep coming back for more. Those of us who use the Love Your Gut powder or capsules know just how good it makes you feel. 

There’s another thing we’ve learned and are greatly grateful for. It’s people who tell their friends and family about their success with gut health and Love Your Gut. This is the main reason for the growth of Love Your Gut - friends sharing the love.

To make sharing even easier, we’re running a Share The Love promotion. It’s super easy to do. With any purchase of any Love Your Gut product you will receive a FREE Love Your Gut 100g bag. Just type in SHARE at checkout. Leave the rest to us. 

The idea is to gift this bag to a friend who you think will benefit from a little gut love. (Or, you could keep the bag for your good self…it’s handy to have a spare smaller bag in the office or car or when you travel)

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist

Lee Holmes, Clinical Nutritionist from Supercharged Food says “There’s always been an element of sharing with Love Your Gut. The ingredient, diatomaceous earth, was shared to me from naturopath friends. I shared it with my friends. They shared it with theirs. And I eventually shared the powder with the world.

I am so appreciative of everyone who spreads the word of my Love Your Gut product. I know a lot of you do just that. 

From my side of things, to help people continue taking or trying the powder, I’ve worked hard to keep the price very reasonable (hence the simple brown kraft bags for the powder).

Also, by the way, I still take the powder or capsules most days. It just keeps working for my autoimmune condition and symptoms like bloating and fatigue.”

To share the love with others, just purchase any Love Your Gut product and you’ll receive a FREE Love Your Gut 100g bag. You will need to type in SHARE at the checkout. 

Lee xo

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