Negative Ion Candles are a Force of Nature

October 30, 2020

Negative Ion Candles are a Force of Nature

Candles can singlehandedly create a beautiful atmosphere in the home. The different scents and moods; the look of a lit candle dancing in the dappled light, the relaxing way that they can calm a frantic and busy mind or create a euphoria. No wonder we all just can’t get enough.

Our Negative Ion Candle takes the power of candles to a whole new level. It’s a beautiful lemongrass & Lime, natural, handmade vegan wax candle that is Supercharged with negative ions. This candle is also the first candle with negatively charged minerals blended into 100% vegan, non-GMO soy wax.

If you haven’t heard about negative ions before, and want to know more about what they are, just think of them like little packets of good energy from the Earth! 

Negative ions are a must in our lives. Because nature has its own energy negative ions are the energy particles that are naturally generated by nature. For example, crashing waves spark negative ions. Our Earth’s minerals, including our Love Your Gut powder and Fulvic Humic drops, are negatively charged, as are soil, plants, organic matter and most things in nature.

Positively charged things, on the other hand, are generally man-made, the things like your laptop or computer, ipad and phone, air-conditioning, pollution, cement, clothes dryers, microwaves, LED lights and TV screens.

The candle was created by Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food because she saw the need for a product that would enable people to be healthier and contribute to a more calm environment and a natural product that would be better for the earth. 

It needed to have..

A subtle aroma - this candle is about negative ions first and a gentle aroma second. Plus, I just prefer light fragrancy in my space. This candle has a lovely lemon/lime smell.

Negatively charged minerals incorporated into the soy wax. That bit took some time, trial and error. You’ll notice that this candle has flecks in the wax. These are the negatively charged elements. They’re released once the wax has melted off them, exposing them to the immediate environment. What the fleck!

Lee worked closely with a fabulous candle-maker, Jami, and over the course of nine months and 13 trials we got the perfect negatively charged candle.

How to use

As the idea of the candle is releasing natural energy (negative ions), it’s good to light it at times during the daytime, especially when you’re working and on the phone.

In the evening, light it again, especially if you’re still working and to counter the blue light and radiation off computers and TV screens.

At bedtime, let it flame for an hour or so before you sleep. 

This candle has up to 50 hours burn time.

Soy wax has a memory. To ensure your candles don’t tunnel, always burn candles until the wax pool has reached the edge of the container.

Here are some other ways to let negative ions into your life…

  • Walk barefoot in the park
  • Hold hands with someone you love
  • Eat more organic
  • Dry your bed sheets in the sun and wind
  • Dig your hands in the garden
  • Walk along the beach or shore
  • Hang coats in the sun for half an hour before putting them on
  • Take a mineral bath
  • Consume more minerals
  • Smile at someone (not sure it’s negatively charged but it makes you feel good when someone smiles at you) 

Negative ions can elevate your mood, purify and clean the air and counteract the positive ions in your personal environment. 

The Supercharged Food Negative Ion Candle is for home or office use. Place it by computers, phones, wifi, microwaves, air-con, heaters.

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