September 04, 2019

Come meet Lee Holmes

G'day UK! Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food is heading your way.

If you're in London and would like to learn more about gut health, Lee would love to meet you and have chat over tea - or in this case, our Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder 250g and 100g! 

Side note: here are some of the questions we're currently being asked in the UK and around the world:

What are the benefits of fulvic minerals, fulvic trace minerals benefits, fulvic humic acid benefits? A deep, cellular-level cleanse of the gut. Our Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic Concentrate drops 30ml and 60ml are a the finest fulvic minerals - sourced by Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist.

Gut cleanse, colon cleansing and best products for gut healthThat’s the job of our  Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder 250g and 100g or capsules and Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic Concentrate drops 30ml and 60mlLike your teeth, plaque and waste continually build up within your digestive tract. It’s beneficial to ‘sweep away’ these impurities on a daily basis and keep your digestive system toned, clean and efficient. 🤫 A gut clean is a secret weapon in weight loss and management. 

What's the best probiotic for gut health, best probiotic for gut health and best probiotics for gut health? Hmmm, that would have to be Lee's Love Your Gut Synbiotic blend. It's a complete biotic: prebiotics, probiotics, dietary fibre and digestive enzymes. Your gut's microbiome thrives on Synbiotic. It's one of the must-have gut health supplements.

Should I take beef liver capsules, are they one of the foods good for gut health? Gram for gram, liver contains more nutrients than any other food on earth! But it's taste can be a challenge for most of us. That's why these Love Your Gut beef liver capsules are a must-have in your diet. They're Australian, organic, grass-fed and finished, sourced by Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist and easy to digest. They're really one of the best products for gut health.

Now back to the story...

There will be free tastings, book signings, and free samples to take home. Find a date and a store near you below and come say hello! 

Planet Organic

Tues 1st October - Westbourne Grove11-2pm, Queen’s Park 3-6pm

Weds 2nd October Torrington Place 11-2pm, Tottenham Court Walk 3-6pm

Thurs 3rd October - Devonshire Square 11-2pm and Wandsworth 3-6pm

Friday 4th October - Islington 12-3pm and Muswell Hill 4-7pm

John Bell & Croydon 

50-54 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2AU 

Saturday 5th October - 11am to 1pm

Monday 7th October - 11am to 1pm

The bestselling Love Your Gut powder can currently be found in stores and online in the UK and Ireland. Click here to find a store near you!

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