Keep your gut fed and watered

June 10, 2022

Keep your gut fed and watered

We say it loud and proud here at Supercharged HQ - love your gut and it’ll love you right back. A happy, healthy gut will help almost all health conditions, even those not directly linked to our favourite organ.

So it begs the question, what do we need to do to love our gut?

We have our 4 P’s of gut health which goes into a nutritionist’s description of how to maximise your gut’s health. Another, let’s say, lay way, to think about your gut health is to keep it fed and watered.

Fed with good, fresh healthy foods and nutrients. Watered with effective* hydration.

*Effective hydration

Lee with her daily Love Your Gut powder drink

Clinical Nutritionist Lee Holmes says: “Some liquids we consume actually rob our guts of hydration. Caffeine and alcohol are the main culprits here. Effective hydration is a term I use with my nutrition clients to describe those liquids and foods that effectively hydrate us. It also brings in the idea of a gut ecosystem that can draw more hydration from these liquids and foods.

A role that my Love Your Gut powder plays very well is that it cleans your gut environment and balances its pH level. This, in turn and over time, makes your gut better at absorbing hydration and nutrients.

The more nutrients and hydration we absorb means we extract more benefits from our food. This also follows for supplements and medication we take. A healthy and effective gut derives more benefits from these supplements and medications”.

Your gut should be fed up!

Not fed up in a frustrated way but fed up in a nutritious way. There’s two main ways to think of feeding your gut.

1. A nutritious diet. Fresh food, done simply. Mostly vegetables. Preferably cooked (to aid in digestion). Also, quality hydration, and really, fresh water is the top of the pops when it comes to liquids we consume. (May we suggest you supercharge your daily water and your gut health by adding our Fulvic Humic drops?)

Lee (at least her hands) and her Fulvic Humic drops

2. A well-fed microbiome. This is simpler than it sounds. The idea is to ensure your microbiome is flourishing so it helps the other parts of your gut to operate at their peak. The most convenient and popular way to feed your microbiome is to take probiotics. We’ve supercharged (as is our wont) probiotics with our new Love Your Gut Synbiotic. It has 20 billion probiotics in every serve, plus prebiotics, digestive enzymes and dietary fibre. Your microbiome will dig it! Fulvic Humic also plays a role in feeding your microbiome.

Lee at rest

Give it a rest!

We all need a bit of downtime. It’s no different with our gut.

Take some time between meals for your gut to process what’s already in there and have some time to reset. Try not to eat three hours before bedtime, so your gut can work while you’re awake and catch some zzzzzz’s when you do.

We suggest you feed and water your gut well everyday. If you’re super busy at give it quality food and water at least once a day.

Try this Rosemary and Thyme Chicken Stew Recipe.

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