How To get Rid of Worms Naturally

May 11, 2020

How To get Rid of Worms Naturally

Do worms make you squirm? Are tapeworms a sticky subject? Pinterest-ed in Pin Worms?

If you’ve been going down the same wormhole for years, I’m here to help you see the light.

One of the most regularly asked questions I get is; how do I get rid of worms naturally? And if you think you’re immune, worms aren’t just happening in our kids, adults can have them too.

Kids and worms are fairly well linked and this can be due to children being less diligent about hand washing, sharing items and the close contact and rough and tumble in the school playground. An annoying truth of the childhood worms experience is that once a child is infected, other members of their household are also likely to get them unless strict hygiene practices are observed.

People who travel can also pick up worms. Adults can pick up worms from who-knows-where. They're not openly discussed much but they're everywhere. Simply put, intestinal worms, or parasitic worms, are organisms that feed off the human body. Common varieties are tapeworms, hookworms and pinworms (threadworms) but there are other varieties too. You can read more specifically about pinworms here.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of intestinal worms include loss of appetite, itchy bottom, fatigue, disturbed sleep, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, weight loss and an upset stomach. In very rare cases, intestinal worms could lead to severe blockages in the intestine, causing constipation and pain.

There are a number of foods which can be helpful to eradicate existing infestations, one of these is garlic.

Garlic can kill existing eggs and prevent female pinworms from laying more eggs. Try my Garlic and Herb Crackers below, or this Vegetable and Garlic Soup, A Roasted Garlic Bisque, or my Prebiotic Tray Bake with Garlic and Tahini.

Another ingredient to include in your arsenal is coconut oil which has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. Using a teaspoon internally and externally daily can help. You might like to indulge in my Turmeric Fudge one bowl masterpiece here.

Some fibre rich foods such as leafy greens and carrots when eaten raw can help promote bowel movement especially when used with coconut oil which can help flush worms from the body, You might enjoy my Warm Beetroot, Carrot and Pear Salad. However all of these helpful foods work better combined with a natural solution to kill the eggs and sweep them gently from the body.

Currently, scientific data doesn’t support the use of natural remedies for worms, however anecdotally many people have had great success with Love Your Gut powder (diatomaceous earth) and eradicating different types of worms from their systems. We have many of wonderful and very positive testimonials from people, along with their graphic photos ha!

The microscopically small powder particles in Love Your Gut powder gently clean your gut and through a process of negative ions the powder attracts worms and helps to flush them out of your body and straight down the toilet!

We recommend taking the powder daily for a month as the infection can be contagious for three weeks following treatment due to existing eggs hatching so a consistent approach is best. Our naturopaths recommend cycling it for one month on and one month off. One teaspoon of diatomaceous earth taken by an adult, once a day for seven days, can be extremely effective for killing parasites. And to keep them from worming their way back into your life and gut, you can keep using the powder daily. To prevent re-infestation, frequent hand washing after going to the toilet with soap and warm water is best, keep your nails short and avoid sharing food, cutlery or drinking from other peoples cups. Vacuuming the house often can help remove eggs at home; small pinworm eggs can live on surfaces, linen, towels and toys for up to three weeks.

Love Your Gut powder is easy to take. There's no taste or aroma. Still, kids (and some adults) can be fussy. Here are a few ways to take that they'll never know.

  • Mixed in juice
  • Blended in smoothies
  • Mixed in yoghurt
  • Stirred into soups or casseroles
  • Love Your Gut capsules

A clean, well-working gut and microbiome can also help the body naturally deal with worms. You can get our Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth here.


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