Clean up this Christmas

December 14, 2022

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Clean up this Christmas  

Tis’ the season to give, no doubt. But it’s also about getting too, isn’t it?! Let’s all aim to clean up these holidays!

We’re not talking about material things (though those are nice in moderation). No, we are referring to cleaning up with love, health and happiness.

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Clean up love

There’s no better time* than this time of the year to give love, make friends, reach out, make amends, move on from past negativity into a brighter now. Whatever ideas you have to receive more love, go for it! You definitely deserve it. Every single one does.

*Actually the very best time for love is right now, whenever right now is. Like, right now! This very second!

The best way to receive more love is to give more love. Give it freely, with no expectations or transactional goals. Just a ‘I love you’ to all. This can be said out loud but also just said internally to all you and everything encounter. I love you!

Clean up your health

Do your gut a party favour, clean it up 

Look, we get it. We’re all going to indulge a bit (maybe a lot) in December. Yay to that! 

At the same time, we can do a few actions that will clean up your gut. A clean gut will help you process and dispose of all the gunk and make the most of all the nutrients you consume. 

The foodovers and hangovers will be better handled by a clean and toned gut. (On the other hand, a gut with built-up waste is not fully able to do its job of ridding toxins and absorbing nutrients. Hangovers love an unclean gut!)

Acts of cleaning

  • You’ve heard it before but it’s true, drink more water! This is truer when you’re drinking alcohol or having fun in the sun (or for our Northern Hemisphere friends, in closed, heated environments - these are also very draining on your hydration).
    Supercharged hint: drop a few drops of Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic into your water and alcoholic drinks. It’s tasteless (in a different way to your uncle’s Xmas jumper) and adds electrolytes which help hydration.

  • Love Your Gut - all of our range will help your gut functionality. When it comes to cleaning your gut the iconic Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder or capsules is the recommendation. 
  • A clean set of heels. Keep moving this break. Walk, run, saunter, swim, gym, whatever. Exercise is not only great for your health it lifts your mood and aids in gut health. Just do it! Swoosh!

Clean up with happiness

Let’s all decide to focus our attention onto the things that matter, the things that bring us joy and happiness. 

For this writer, it’s family, friends and food. Lots of each. What’s yours?

It’s a good practice to write these happy thoughts down. In your phone ‘notes’ section or wherever you make lists. Better yet, slap the list on your refrigerator to remind yourself and others of the ‘whys’ of our lives.

Lee with her negative ion candle

Another natural way to happiness is through nature. Get out in nature, bare your soul and your feet. Look at the trees and the little flowers (sometimes disguised as weeds). 

We sometimes talk about negative ions - nature’s happy energy. Maybe spend some time researching negative ions, their benefits and how to get more of them into your world. 

Our negative ion candles are a good gift idea to yourself or loved ones.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and lovely Xmas, y’all!


The Supercharge Your Gut Team

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