September 11, 2020


Our Before

It’s actually a little hard to remember life before Love Your Gut (LYG) powder. It’s just such a way of life for us at Supercharge Your Gut HQ.

Supercharged Food’s Lee Holmes started taking LYG around ten years ago on advice from her naturopath. Lee had been long-suffering with an auto-immune condition later diagnosed as Crohn’s disease. She also had the bloating and energy issues many other people share. 

Her focus on gut health in those early years was helping with the Crohn’s and other health issues. (Lee went on to become a nutritionist and publish nine healthy eating books including 10x reprinted Heal Your Gut and its follow-up Supercharge Your Gut). 

LYG was central to the plan. It’s ability of slowly, gently ‘brushing away’ the plaque, bad bacteria and waste we continually generate created a more efficient and hard-working gut. And a clean, Loved gut means your nutrition and hydration is better absorbed and dispersed to the organs. (On the flip-side a Loved gut helps rid your system of bad bacteria, pathogens and waste before it lines the gut or lays in your system). 

Our After

After almost ten years Lee still takes LYG every single day. Without fail. She usually has two capsules on waking and a tablespoon (2g) in an afternoon fruit and vegetable smoothie (Lee makes the best smoothies!).

Lee still has Crohn’s but it is manageable now with the help of her gut-centric diet, LYG and health practices like yoga and walking. There’s great side benefits of LYG too.  It is made up of essential minerals including silica, iron, magnesium, calcium and low sodium. 

LYG DE is also highly negatively charged. That means it, like a magnet, attracts positively charged items and helps the body rid itself of these. A little counterintuitively, positive ions are the bad ions. Think of what radiates from computers, phones, microwaves. Pollution, air-conditioning and bad bacteria emit positive ions. It’s a rare example where we need to be less positive!  

Lee’s family are also dedicated gut Lovers. Her husband takes it for his gut issues - nausea and weight. Her daughter for general wellbeing and bloating. Her stepson for his energy and skin condition (LYG is very helpful for acne and spots as a clean gut shows on your biggest organ - your skin).

What happens after I take LYG?

We always asked about whether LYG works. Many people are skeptical given there’s many products out there which promise the world yet don’t seem to deliver. Our response is often to give it a try. A whole 250g bag costs just $18 and lasts about eight weeks. This is plenty of time to see if it works for you. And being Australia’s number one natural gut health product with loads of happy, repeat Gut Lovers we’re confident you’ll look and feel better after LYG.

A healthy, loved gut helps
  • Bloating
  • Skin condition and acne
  • Gut conditions: IBS, constipation, gas, low metabolism, Intestinal permeability 
  • Auto-immune conditions: IBD: Crohns, UC
  • Weight management
  • Iron deficiency
  • Mineral 
  • Low energy, fatigue

Here's what you have to say about loving your gut!

"I have a pretty healthy lifestyle and diet, but still suffer from a really bloated belly even though I eat well. I've been taking Love Your Gut powder for years now and it's the only thing that helps to keep my stomach looking and feeling flatter and less bulgy." @tamsin

 "I was going through my camera roll tonight , I purposely took the photos on the left when my skin and gut was at its worst, three weeks into Lee Holmes’ Supercharged Food, Heal Your Gut program and taking her Love your Gut powder and my skin is looking a lot better. I normally use this page to show the perfect makeup and skincare but to be honest I’ve learnt over the last month that healing the inside can really help the outside, so I’d thought I’d share with you these images (a little confronting for me) but someone who works in the industry and has access and used everything under the sun I can now see that the inside counts and you are what you eat."@kreativemua

"The Supercharged capsules helped reduce an enormous amount of bloating and discomfort in just a week. Three weeks on and I could visually see how much of my bloating had reduced! And I was able to eat foods without bloating within seconds". @topendmumma

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