A bundle of love to all the super Mums of the world!

May 06, 2023

Women savoring food together amidst greenery.

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the super women in our lives who have nurtured us, cared for us, and guided us through the ups and downs of life. One of the most important ways that mothers can care for their families is by prioritizing their own health.

We’re making it a little easier for you to give your Mum the gift of inner beauty and vitality.

Supercharged Food’s founder and Clinical nutritionist, Lee Holmes, says “As a single mother I sometimes (all the time) didn’t prioritise my health, let alone my inner beauty or vitality. I ran on the adrenaline of trying to make ends meet for me and my darling girl.

Through my nutritionist training and study I learned to ‘apply the oxygen mask’ to myself. I was a better, stronger, happier mother once I looked after myself as well. It was nutrition that I found my inner beauty and vitality.

Three cheers to all the mothers! We’re awesome. Hip hip!”


A basket with love your gut products

SHOP: Inner beauty and vitality bundle; was $139, NOW $99

Beauty begins in the belly and inner beauty affects your energy and vitality. We’ve bundled-up a lovely array of goods to cleanse and tone your insides and your beauty - hair, skin, nails and energy.

Love Your Gut powder, capsules and FHC drops work on your gut from a macro and micro level.

Macro - the powder and capsules help to (slowly) clean away the build-up of waste, bad bacteria and plague. This build-up not only adds to our weight (up to 3 kilos in some cases) but decreases our gut’s ability to do its job - process and absorb nutrients and hydration.

Micro, our Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC) drops are food for your microbiota. The drops assist the permeability of your cells. This allows them to absorb more nutrients and hydration. Your good gut bacteria simply loves FHC. They feed off and flourish off its micronutrients. The more your gut is healthy and toned on a micro level the more the microbiome can populate your gut and the less ‘space’ for bad bacteria.

FHC is also strongly negatively charged. And that’s a huge positive for your microbiome. The negative ions ‘attract’ the positive ions and your body does the rest - rids itself of the muck. Positively charged materials are most often human-made pollutants: everyday pollution, blue light, air-con, microwaves, phones and processed foods.

Earth and Sea Beauty (Earth) is rich in natural Australian made silica (not as ‘lab-made silica which is the form found in most silica products’). Silica is essential for all parts of your life but it really shows up in your hair, skin and nail health. When you supplement with natural silica you can almost see them flourish before your eyes!

Earth is also a good source of natural iodine from wild Tasmanian kelp. Like silica, iodine is generally missing from our food supply due to modern farming practices.

Vitality comes from the natural iron in all products in this bundle. There’s no need for iron supplementation (unless prescribed by your doctor), much better to get your iron from nature, real iron. Iron verifiably supports energy and fights fatigue. Just what we need over the holidays.

Happy Mother's Day to all the super mums out there!

Supercharged ‘Spoil Your Mum' Planning Tips

Here are a few things to make Mum feel appreciated this mothers day!

  • Make this porridge the night before and place in the fridge then scatter with chopped nuts and in season berries or seasonal fruits in the morning. Serve with milk of choice. Place it on a tray and hand pick some flowers from the garden for a natural and authentic touch. Once she’s had a lie in then bring her breakfast in bed.
  • Design a home-made card, it can be funny, touching or appreciative. Include a personalized poem.
  • Serve lunch in her favourite part of the house or outside in the garden or in a park nearby. Invite other family members or friends to join in on the fun. They can bring a plate of nibbles too.

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