June 01, 2023

A flyer showcasing a big, fat 20% off sale. Grab amazing discounts now!

Because we love to share the love of diatomaceous earth, we’re offering a whopping 20% off our iconic Love Your Gut powder and capsules. You can give your gut a big, fat cleanse and clean up at the checkout!

These prices are available from 1-15 June inclusive so perhaps stock up for a winter of gut cleaning goodness.

Please do us a solid and tell your friends about the deal (it’s a great opportunity to try diatomaceous earth and reap the gut health benefits).

250g powder usually $19.95, NOW $15.96

A woman in a black sports bra holds a love your gut product

100g powder usually $14.95, NOW $11.96

Love your gut powder with water

Capsules usually $32.95, NOW $26.36


A message from Lee

Female with a bag of rhubarb, perfect for making delicious desserts.

Lee Holmes, clinical nutritionist, author, founder of Supercharged Food with a big fat bunch of rhubarb

Lee says, “I’ve been loving and sharing diatomaceous earth powder for over 12 years. I’m so appreciative of the many, many people who use the powder and get the cleaning benefits. I tend to increase my daily amount over winter as the food (and I) get a little heavier. It’s a constant cleaning job to keep the waste from building back up in our digestive system. We’ve always kept our costs low to pass on to you as a way to make this wonderful powder accessible to all. I wanted to give a decent, big fat, saving to make it even easier for you and show my appreciation. You can thank me later, haha.”

How to take Love Your Gut powder and add it to your daily routine?
“It is so easy to take and can be taken at any time of the day. I fill a glass of water and add a tablespoon of my diatomaceous earth powder. It's perfect to start the day with a clean, loved gut. I also add it to smoothies and cooking. There’s no taste so it’s easy.”

How to take Love Your Gut capsules and add it to your daily routine?
“I keep these capsules in my purse and take them everywhere with me, wherever I go. To run errands, out to lunch or especially when I travel. It is so convenient and perfect for on-the-go gut cleaning”.


The Supercharge Your Gut Team


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