6 Tips For Staying in Shape At Home

May 04, 2020 1 Comment

6 Tips For Staying in Shape At Home

Enough with all this weighting around!

As the lock-down continues and even starts to ease it's time to think about what we've gained. And we're talking weight.

The lock-down has been a time to comfort ourselves. And, for many, that means comfort food. We've tried to maintain healthy eating habits but a few bad habits have snuck in.

Perhaps we've started on convincing ourselves that chocolate is our god-given right! It started with the odd chocolate square before quickly gaining momentum. So now each night we snap off a few rows of the sweet stuff while binge-watching reality TV or a Netflix series (Tiger King, of course).

None of this is really a problem or a 'bad thing'. It's just getting to be a habit and a craving. And the weight has crept up on us. Again, not the worst problem going on in the world right now but something we want to rectify.

Compounding the 'craving creep' is the reduced amount of exercise we're getting. We try hard with daily walks or runs, online yoga and workouts. However, many miss going to gym or yoga school or a long soft sand beach walk. 

Below are some techniques and tips to manage weight by reducing the 'craving creep' and getting more exercise. We hope they can help you too.

1. Recognise you may require less calories in lockdown or restricted outings. Less running around and more sitting around means we don't need quite as much energy through food and drink. 

2. Think fuller foods, not empty carbs. Foods that satiate you for longer, foods that are more nutrient dense so your body doesn't cry out for more to fill the nutrient gap. Think: sweet potatoes, eggs (protein can keep you fuller and regulate blood sugar), oats and smoothies with fruit. Try this egg-cellent Green Eggs No Ham Frittata recipe. 

3. Love Your Gut, of course. We're biased but giving some loving attention to your gut pays dividends in weight management. A clean, well-functioning digestive system distributes nutrients better which, in turn, means your organs get their fill and don't annoy you wanting more!)

4. Water for weight? Yes! Water is a really good temporary tummy-filler. Try a glass next time you get snacky.

5. Fibre-up! Eat more fibrous foods. They fill you up and help to rid your system of unwanted waste and weight. Some naturally fibre-rich foods include: avocados, lentils, oats, green vegetables (the darker the higher fibre count generally) and chia seeds. Try this immune-boosting avocado smoothie bowl, here.

6. Incidental exercise. Look around you for easy ways to get your heart pumping (and no we're not talking Tiger King guy again!). Our favourite is to take the stairs wherever possible. Couch tricep dips. Online yoga is surprisingly great, why not take a class and see how you feel! We've shared 12 yoga poses you can do at home, which actually help digestion. Read more, here

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