25% OFF!! Earth and Sea Beauty Capsules

January 16, 2021

Silica gel tube resting on rock

For an irresistible complexion that glistens like the ocean. Boost your hair, skin and nails with natural Australian silica sourced from a remote location.

All-natural, all Australian ingredients. Earth and Sea Beauty is remote Australian silica with iodine from southern Tasmanian kelp, for beauty on the inside that radiates on the outside.

When you take Earth And Sea Beauty your body is drawing on the pristine power of remote Australian ingredients, from the earth and the sea.

And it's now 25% off in our New Year, New You Sale! Nourished Life founder, Irene Falcone, sits down with Earth and Sea founder, Lee Holmes to chat about how much Irene's hair has grown from their new silica supplement.

Earth and Sea Beauty Silica Vegan capsules contain 100% Australian sourced Silica with Iodine derived from Southern Tasmanian Kelp. Silica, Iodine and Iron are a power trio that will supercharge your beauty regime from the inside out

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