♥️ Love Your Gut This Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2023

A woman receiving a gut massage.

Shower the people you love with love this Valentine’s Day. Sure. And while you’re at it, point some of those good vibes to yourself and your body.

As gut-lovers let’s focus our attention on how this hard-working organ responds to the care and attention we give it.

There’s hardly an organ that reacts better to loving concern. A few, simple acts can make a world of difference to not only your gut health but your overall wellbeing.

Your gut doesn’t want for much, just good food, hydration and a few lifestyle tweeks is enough to give it the warm and fuzzies.

(It’s the same in other loving relationships. The grand gestures are, well, grand, but it’s the everyday, small acts of love that are the most rewarding).

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Food ♥️

Let’s fall back in love with the food we eat. The good news is that healthy, nutritious food is accessible to all. It’s also delicious.

As a start, scroll down for this week’s Supercharged recipe. It’s been developed by Lee Holmes, qualified clinical nutritionist (and brilliant wholefoods cook!). We suggest you make it your own and share it with a loved one or ones on Valentine’s Day.

Lee says, “I see many people in my clinic who have fallen out of love with food. It becomes functional and not much fun or joyful. An integral part of my nutritional advice and planning is for people to reconnect with good, easy-to-prepare healthy food. Build-up your pantry and fridge with healthy options and just start with simple recipes. You can find them on the blog here or get your hands on a recipe book”.

When it comes to loving your gut, a good place to start is with a prebiotic and probiotic blend like Love Your Gut Synbiotic. It's good food your gut will simply love.

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We really need to drink less alcohol! The rewards are everywhere. Plus, nowadays, there are many zero alcohol ‘adult’ drinks that you’re only missing out on the hangover.

Also, as much as we hear ‘drink more water!’, many of us (your writer included), just don’t consume enough. Get more from your water intake, including more water absorbed by your body, by dropping a few drops of Love Your Gut Fulvic Humic into your water and alcoholic drinks.

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Good clean love

What your gut most loves the most is to be kept clean and toned. A gut free of waste and bacteria build-up is at its peak functionality.

Every part of our Love Your Gut range will help your gut functionality. When it comes to cleaning your gut the iconic Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth powder or capsules is the way to go.

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Some lovely belly breaths

We can store stress and anxiety in our gut. Release the valve by breathing into and out of your belly. Feel the air into the base of your stomach, allow it to expand and fill the space. Then blow it all out, smoothly and mindfully. Expel every last oxygen molecule.

Here’s a simple breathing practice that we’ve been using here at Supercharged Food HQ.

seven seconds of deep breath in. Hold for seven seconds. Long, breath out for seven seconds. Hold for seven seconds. Repeat seven times.

Love to all,

The Supercharge Your Gut Team

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