Diatomaceous Earth - eases your gut, not easy to pronounce

November 19, 2021

Diatomaceous Earth - eases your gut, not easy to pronounce

Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food with Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth

A chance meeting in the backroom of a naturopath’s clinic set Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food on a journey to discover more about the gut-loving powers of diatomaceous earth.

Lee takes it from here: “I was visiting a naturopath friend when I was in the United States for a book tour and starting research on a new book on gut health which, 10 years ago, was beginning to gain traction in mainstream health and wellness circles. So my antenna was alert for anything gut related.

My friend was showing me her clinic’s dispensary where she concocted her wonderful concoctions. I noticed a big bag of fine white powder and asked what it was. She said ‘it's diatomaceous earth and my clients can’t get enough of it. It’s amazing for all manner of gut health conditions’.

My antenna was whirring at that news!

After slowly and patiently telling me how to pronounce dia-tom-ace-ous earth I was ready to learn more about the powder’s power. The first lesson was to start calling it ‘DE’.

Fast-forward another two years of research and testing numerous sources of DE I settled on the best source (from the USA). I was also convinced by the clinical research [1] on DE and my own positive experience (I have an auto-immune condition that wreaks havoc on my gut. DE has been my close companion and I take it every day, sometimes twice!).

My friends must have heard me wax lyrical about the powder that myself and my gut was loving. They started asking me to share the love.

Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth in powder and capsules

Faster-forwarding and my DE was making me more friends than I could handle. That’s when I decided to bag it professionally and sell it in stores. Well, word got out and now our humble little diatomaceous earth, under the appropriately titled ‘Love Your Gut’ name, is more wildly popular than ever.

We sell Love Your Gut powder all over Australia (3000 stores at last count), New Zealand, The UK and Europe and South Korea. It’s also available in capsule form for convenience and travel.

I just love being able to share DE with so many people. The feedback* has been remarkable and warms my heart. It's wonderful to hear people taking back control of their lives through their health. What we eat and the condition of our gut is central to that control. The fact that DE can play a role in good gut health has been one of my most treasured discoveries.

*We get many questions about the Love Your Gut powder and one of the most asked is “how do I say the name?” Even after all these years of reading, talking and taking diatomaceous earth, I still have to chunk it down to pronounce  it - dia-tom-ace-ous. Say it after me dia-tom-ace-ous. OK, let’s just say DE.”

101 Ways to Love Your Gut. FREE ebook. Download now

Easy to consume.
One of the many, many benefits of Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth is how easy it is to consume.

First off, it’s quite reasonably priced. We’ve kept packaging and our costs to a minimum and passed them onto you in the retail price. In Australia, it’s $19.95 for 250g or 8 weeks of gut-loving.

Secondly, our diatomaceous earth is almost without taste. It’s easy to drink mixed in water, juice or smoothie.

We produced this ‘101 Ways’ free ebook with, well, 101 ways you can use our diatomaceous earth.

Golden Scrambled Eggs featuring our organic Golden Gut Blend a mixture of Love Your Gut powder, turmeric, ginger and black pepper.



Not all diatomaceous earth is the same
It’s important to note that, like many natural ingredients, quality and mineral make-up can differ based on where it’s sourced.

As a clinical nutritionist and a bit of a perfectionist, the quality and consistency of ingredients is paramount. That’s why I spent over two years trying and testing diatomaceous earth from sources around the globe. It became clear that one source from The USA was by far the best.

When we talk about the benefits of diatomaceous earth we’re only referring to the source we have used and studied for over ten years. The one we put the Supercharged Food brand behind -  Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth.

At Supercharged Food we love hearing from you and any questions you may have about our diatomaceous earth. Please feel free to email us at admin@superchargedfood.com.

Research links

[1] Diatomaceous earth and gut health



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