Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nails

Formulated by clinical nutritionist Lee Holmes and in collaboration with Irene Falcone, Australia's toxin-free pioneer from Nourished Life, we’ve created a super nourishing collagen blend to enhance your hair, skin and nails.

This premium blend contains our naturopathic grade Love Your Gut powder and unpolluted Marine Collagen. Love Your Gut Powder is high in silica is the perfect partnership as silica supports collagen synthesis. You can read our “What the Science Says” information here.

Marine Collagen helps skin hydration and signs of ageing; strengthens nails and improves hair shine and appearance.

Our marine collagen is fully traceable, sustainably caught from the pristine North Atlantic and Arctic Waters, not farmed fish. It has high bioavailability and low molecular weight which allows for superior absorption. It doesn't contain any preservatives, sulphides, peroxides, flavours or additives.

This beautiful blend has a natural berry and beet flavour for an easy-drinking, light and subtle taste that easily mixes into water, smoothies or juices.

Made in Australia. Contains Fish. 250 gms.

If you’re looking for luscious glossy locks, glowing skin and strong nails, Super Nourished Hair Skin and Nails contains all your beauty needs in a bag!

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