This bundle is perfect for the health-conscious friend, family member or your good self.

If you haven’t heard about negative ions before, and want to know more about what they are, just think of them like little packets of good energy from the Earth. 

Negative ions are a must in all our lives. Because nature has its own energy, negative ions are the energy particles that are naturally generated by nature. 

The pack includes a stunning Negative Ion Candle and Fulvic Humic Concentrate.

Negative ion candle. An Australian world first! We infused highly negatively charged Leonardite mineral into a vegan friendly a soy wax candle. You’ll see some flecks in the wax, that’s the negative ion minerals doing their job of adding some positive energy to your Xmas. A lovely subtle scent of natural lemon and lime. Handmade in Australia. Great for use next to computers, phone, heaters, air conditioning or electrical appliances.

Our new Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC) drops are food for your microbiota. The drops assist the permeability of your cells. This allows them to absorb more nutrients and hydration. Your good gut bacteria simply loves FHC. They feed off and flourish off its micronutrients. The more your gut is healthy and toned on a micro level the more the microbiome can populate your gut and the less ‘space’ for bad bacteria. 

FHC is also strongly negatively charged. And that’s a huge positive for your microbiome. The negative ions ‘attract’ the positive ions and your body does the rest - rids itself of the muck. Positively charged materials are most often human-made pollutants: everyday pollution, blue light, air-con, microwaves, phones and processed foods. 

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