Let’s get in the mood for lovely, lush beauty this holiday season.  Our unique beauty bundle is an All-Australian gift perfect for you, a loved one or a special friend. 

The bundle includes our popular Earth and Sea Beauty Silica capsules and a gorgeous one-of-a-kind, negative ion candle to lift your mood and your personal space.

Both products are Australian made with local ingredients and a great quirky gift for someone who values their health and wellness. 

  • Earth and Sea Beauty. The smash beauty hit of the summer! It’s Australian natural desert silica and Tasmanian sea kelp. Silica is a long-time star of the beauty industry but most silica is developed in a lab somewhere. Earth and Sea Beauty is straight from the raw, pristine Australian earth and sea.
  • Negative ion candle. An Australian world first! We infused highly negatively charged Leonardite mineral into a vegan friendly a soy wax candle. You’ll see some flecks in the wax, that’s the negative ion minerals doing their job of adding some positive energy to your Xmas. A lovely subtle scent of natural lemon and lime. Handmade in Australia. Great for use next to computers, phone, heaters, air conditioning or electrical appliances.

Value: $88.40

Just: $69.95 includes postage and handling

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