Try Love Your Gut powder today. Free, just $2 postage and handling (AU only).

Love Your Gut powder by Supercharged Food is Australia’s number one gut health product. It flies off the shelves in health food stores and pharmacies around Australia.

It’s so popular because gut health just makes sense. All nutrition and hydration - good and bad - goes through there. A healthy, loved gut not only helps digestive issues but also helps all areas of your health and wellbeing. Gut health works!

To get an idea of how easy it is to use, we’re offering a free trial pack. All we ask is $2 to cover postage and handling.


The free trial pack of contains 4g of Love Your Gut powder. That’s two 2g serves over one day. It’s a single ingredient - 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth - the highest food-grade available. 

It’s a super-fine, pure mineral powder straight from the earth. As it’s a food it can be easily included in your daily routine.

You can add it to water, juice, smoothies, even herbal tea. It doesn’t have any taste so it’s super easy to take.

Love Your Gut powder isn’t a one-day wonder though. It’s a gentle gut cleanse that you take over an extended period.

It’s like brushing your teeth. You know the furry feeling on your teeth if you miss a morning brush? That’s food waste, plaque and bacteria. It’s the same in your gut if you don’t give it a regular clean. (We can carry 500g to 3 kilos of undischarged waste in our system!)

Having Love Your Gut powder every day gives your digestive system a gentle ‘brush’. A clean, toned gut allows it to do its vital job efficiently - processing and distributing nutrients and hydration and disposing of waste and bad bacteria. 

A daily dose of Love Your Gut powder also gives your body 17 essential minerals including silica, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Our most popular size - 250g - retails for $18 and with twice-a-day, everyday use lasts over eight weeks. 

Love Your Gut powder is available in thousands of stores across Australia. If it’s not available in your local please ask them to stock it.

"Onto my 5th packet!!! LOVE YOUR GUT powder does exactly as it says. Add to my daily vege juice. Even though I already follow a very healthy diet with foods that help with bloating, I always notice a big difference when I incorporate this powder into my diet. WORTH EVERY CENT" - Melanie


Naturopathic-grade, organic Fossil Shell Flour (amorphous silica).

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